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Quote: Originally Posted by DerekS why cant these be a 10.5 or 11?!?!?! Yeah. Amazing shoes, if they were 10.5 they wouldve been gone in a heartbeat.
Quote: Originally Posted by otc Stopped in at the place I rarely buy anything from to make a donation so that I wouldn't run back into my own stuff while thrifting (they have a better value eye than I do so I will never find a good deal there--They have furniture and design stuff on the level of Frenchy's finds...but priced at what Frenchy flips it for) Sweet finds man, I'd keep that one for sure if I found...
Quote: Originally Posted by Logan No doubt, I brought it up drunk once and regret it. Even now that I dress better I am subject to harassment, WTF? Although it is coming from a guy who wears a shirt that reads "I pee in pools" from time to time, so I just laugh it off. Yeah. I mention some SF related things from time to time to friends who I know aren't total morons, but I don't advertise it. Too many idiots out there who think that caring...
New explanation makes this sound actually do-able for me; I've got a brand new tie that I'm saving just for this occasion...
Quote: Originally Posted by mktitsworth Like what? The "trash it and buy a smaller jacket, preferably an S" alteration. Quite necessary, I think.
Off to the rich people hills to thrift and do some family stuff, wish me luck boys!
Quote: Originally Posted by mainy heyyyy pretty sure I passed on those exact same ted baker pants last week, guess I know where you shop now can't remember why I didn't pick them up, maybe since they were a 40. in other news i found 2 pairs of florsheim cordovan longwings the other day. 1 black, 1 burgundy. Are you selling em? If so what size are the burgundy's?
Quote: Originally Posted by frenchy no offence but leaving a Brioni in a cart is just plain stupid,you hold on to that shit like dear life itself once its in your hands.dont ven let someone look at it.posession is nine tenths of the law. +74528376.02 No shit!
Is this pic/pose too low quality to work with? im interested in what you would change...
Amazing pants! Wow! I love the Air Force Blue, Brown birdseye and the denim pairs. Just great. I hate myself for missing out on the purple donegal cashmere tie.... I'd kill for an orange cashmere tie, as well as a pink one (lol), but how frequently are these sales? Will I be waiting a while for the next opportunity to pick up one of the hot sellers?
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