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Quote: Originally Posted by sns23 Just joined here. Nice to see other people taking pride in appearance. ronald mcdonald is that you?!
Quote: Originally Posted by spoozy The Spooz is still alive...heavily fired at in the office, so long working hours and no time to focus on taking pictures for the SFers...sorry! Been lurking a lot a here lately, just savouring on the pics. As always, hot shit you boys throwing!! Brutally warm today: [[SPOILER]] Great look spooz! That tie looks really nice, does it have a texture? Close up?
Quote: Originally Posted by parc Tenue de Nîmes x Naked & Famous Collab AcquireMag.com Tenue de Nîmes dope
Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six So are we back to "what to wear as determined by what will get one as much ass as possible"? Because if so I'm going to South Beach in September and I need to find some bejeweled t shirts immediately. Please guide me, styleforvm. Dude does not look good there, plain and simple. Really nice boots, though. sounds like his occupation as a DJ is the thing getting him ass, bro, so might wanna pick up some...
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy That's a great semi-FU jacket!
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier Tie bar? You guys think too much of me! Stafford by JC Penney. One of the first ties I ever bought, and surprisingly wearable. I still love it. Classic design and has held up really, really well. Doesn't look too shiny-cheap and ties a decent knot. Too bad Stafford ties are ridiculously expensive for the quality, like $20-30 hahaha... Ah how ignorant I used to be. It wouldn't be my cheapest tie if I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter Welcome! Looks pretty solid there. Recommendations: 1. With your face shape, which is a bit more oval/long, you might consider balancing it out with more of a spread collar, which is also a bit more modern. 2. 'round these parts folks are generally fond of showing a little of the ol' shirt cuff. Either your jacket sleeves are a bit long, or your shirts are a bit short. I suspect it's the former although it...
Does anyone have a picture of the Frankenstein denim in the wild? Faded would be even better. They look pretty unique and damn cool to me, but I'm interested in how they look after some wear. Cheers!
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang I mentioned this earlier in the thread, but this is the mark of a poor quality square. A good print should penetrate substantially to the other side, let's say at least 75%. Many folds, such as the reverse puff will show both sides of the square, so this is important. I pay attention to this when sourcing fabric, and this constraint is very limiting; there are many great designs that I can't use because they don't...
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy that tie........ my precious! ...deetz?
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