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Quote: Originally Posted by mkarim Absolutely LOVE the red linen one. Where did you get it? A very exclusive shop, membership only, in Switzerland. Jo-Anns
Pair of BB Milano wine cords. Fucking love the fit! Never knew how well they fit until now...
Got some new fabrics for pocket squares today. Really enjoying them, got them all dirt cheap too. Top are all linen, bottom are cotton. Here's one of the ones on the right. Really, really like it!
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Gotta go to a wedding. [[SPOILER]] One of your best fits, so dope...
Quote: Originally Posted by Crombie Good for you Obviously in the hope of drinking from the font of your infinite wisdom. But since you didn't offer any, I'm not sure why you jumped in with such thoughtful comments. Ah, praise from you Navi - something of which I can only dream. You're right, my contributions pale in comparison to yours!
Holy shit those lobbs
Quote: Originally Posted by wannabe Hey everyone. I was wondering if I could get some comments on my new suit jacket! I'm kicking myself in the head for not getting the rest of the suit, so I'm going to guy try to find the pants this weekend. What kind of buttons would make this jacket pop as both a blazer and as part of a suit? I was thinking dark brown, but am open to any suggestions. Damn glare today! Tan Nautica Suit Jacket. Light...
Quote: Originally Posted by Crombie Been lurking for a while so thought it was time I dived in and swam with the big fish.Not used to photographing myself so apologies for the quality.Didn't bother with a PS as it wasn't that sort of occasion. [[SPOILER]] I call bullshitAlso Crombie if you're going to come here, post terrible outfits, then completely disregard all comments and critiques, why exactly are you here? For praise?
Quote: Originally Posted by ghdvfddzgzdzg Thanks for all the detail. I understand the "tailor can't do it" shoulders comment--I've read a lot of the tailoring talk here. I don't think the armholes are terribly low at all, but I'll examine. The shapelessness is just weird because it's the most form-fitting jacket I've found; I'm wondering if A. it's because my suits have previously not been any good, so by comparison, to me, it's way better (but...
Quote: Originally Posted by homegrown terror navy blazers are for harvard undergrads and old-money kennedy types. you've gotta be fucking kidding me
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