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Grab both sides of the tie band on either side of the knot and give them a tug. Can adjust how tight it is and the shape by doing that and tightening the knot/shaping it with your fingers. Also practice.
you couldnt just stick to being bad at posting could you, had to branch out to being bad at making music too?
NYR on the bottom right? Thats all I got, the others could be anyone...
sup pimps
holy shit that jacket
Shit man, love that mabitex denim pair... Really really nice. Also holy crap that Barbara suit is drool worthy, so sick!!
Quote: Originally Posted by niidawg3 - great improvements since your first post. - your self awareness only means you will continue to get better and better with time - well played Cheers! yeah I really need to up my shoe and suit game. I'm thinking one or two new pairs of shoes would give me alot more versatility (something suede as well as a nice dark brown pair), whereas suits I have alot more options. Very hard finding things in my...
[[SPOILER]] new ps i just finished! tie is brown, looks kinda red...also i know the jacket is too short and another pair of shoes would be alot better. workin on it.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Nav, if you need a test model for that purple with the white flowers, Im in! Let me know when you get one made up. Cheers, will do! I have a feeling the fabric quality won't be up to your standard considering the usual brands you wear :P
Quote: Originally Posted by hugeevilrobot That map fabric is AWESOME- if you have enough for multiple squares, count me in for one I have enough for quite a few! I'll need to make them all and then I'll throw em up for sale here, need to figure out a price..
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