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That tie is amazing.
Toothbrush holders are boss. You just jealous man.
Happy new year everybody! Here's how I dressed up for dinner with the lady. Also, yes yes skinny tie awful oh god kill it with fire but I'm young and I enjoy it so save your energy. Best chinese restaurant ever, also our waitress was the literal doppelganger of my ex Hope everyone had a happy new year.
That tie is one of the sexiest things I have laid eyes upon.Yes, I came out from the woodworks just to say that.also this:
Same shit just a different day... Too much blue?
Mr Rogers Steez? Can I now claim that I have arrived?
xpost from MC- i think this is SW&D enough to apply here?
100 degrees outside and damn chilly at work Went shopping so new khakis, cardigan and got the FU tie at Goodwill. Too bold? I feel like I should start wearing all RL and enroll in an expensive prep school. Also, next level color matching with the iPhone case and tie, lol
Seriously? You're either trolling or an idiot, I suspect the latter. Sure there are shitty new people but there's a lot of good ones too.On topic, I barely visit anymore either. I also don't think it's a matter of 'working out the kinks,' it's that the new setup is just worse than the old one. Plain and simple. Shame too, I love this place. Just a matter of time until another migration occurs, from AAAC to sf to....
Seems to me like the majority of people who like the new site are power sellers who use this place only for selling shit. Not the rest of us who actually read and post...
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