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So here's the situation - You're on a plane/on the subway/somewhere where there isn't a trash can around. And you've got a sneeze coming. What is the safest option health-wise to avoid spreading germs//and also prevent people around you from giving off that "he's going to get us sick" glare?
I've got the Free's, and they are pretty good but don't provide enough support for me. I am taller than avg though, so I think that it's not the shoes--it's me. My buddy who is avg height and slim (XC runner's build) says he loves these shoes. I mostly use them when I'm flying somewhere and don't have a lot of room to pack.
Yes! I thought that I was the only one...I've definitely got some squeaky ones. They seem to develop a squeak after awhile, though, and aren't that way brand least in my case.
I'd say pizza too, but I don't know...its just not the same when it is a day or two old. But definitely have him get you the Frango Mints like Claret recommends...I was in Chicago earlier this year and yes the Macy's definitely still does carry them - and they're the same original mints!
Pretty hysterical - Chicken dance and short skirts
saw this video for career builder, and was wondering how do people perceive you in this office? I'd like to think i'm the cool, chill one...but who are you seen at work?
What do you think of Joshua Davis' collaboration with Chuck Anderson for AMP Energy? Really neat stuff. Drink is pretty good too, tried it the other day, love the amp elevate....check out the designs here:
Hey, if you go to 7-Eleven you'll see the AMP Slurpee, which makes a regular is supposed to make Slurpee seem totally weak. I know you guys are energy drink fans, so figured I'd let y'all know. I'd like to know if its a. good and b. if its okay for the ab diet? the weather is beautiful out here today (washington DC), and I think I might pick one up after work. Let me know...
I was at the DC Auto Show a few weeks ago and it seemed like most of the car manufacturers are making one now. I haven't driven or even been in one but they look pretty good. Dodge had their new Journey that comes out in 2009 and it looks like a vehicle I could drive. A good mix between sedan and SUV with a ton of storage space. Does anyone drive a crossover?
Wow, that's not the kind of cake I want to see at a wedding.
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