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Thank you for the recommendations Joffrey. Anyone else have any?
Sorry for the vague nature if the OP. I was strapped for to me and just wanted to get the ball rolling. To break it down:- A bachelor party in NY or on Long Island: it can be either. Anywhere from montauk to manhattan.- Is this for 1 day/night? Are you staying over for a wknd? : it will be the weekend of this coming October 9th through the 11th.- Are you looking for a club/lounge?: those are being mulled over. Suggestions always help.- Are you looking for...
Hello all. The groom is 31 and we have no desire to pay for women so that's off the table. There will be about 8 of us and the best man is trying to keep the budget at about $250 to $350 per person. I was wondering if anyone has had/been part f a batch party around here of knows of any good places/ideas to look into. I am relatively new to this and am not sure if there is any culture or traditions for these. Any and all help is appreciated.
What was the retail on these?
I was out & about & came across these boots: The boots themselves have no markings but the came with the shoe trees you see pictured and it looks like the boots were used with said tree's. Any thoughts?
....as opposed to being worn inside?Did you retain the metal tag?
PLEASE NOTE: You must read the sale terms listed below before contacting me. I will wait no longer then 24 hours for replies from interested parties. I have been having too many people claiming that they want something and then disappearing for days, if not all together after going back and forth via PM. It is not fair to me or the other people waiting in line. As a result of this you must include your email address in your initial PM to me.. SALE TERMS (YOU MUST READ...
PM's (as in private messages)......they are your friend, please use them as opposed to posting here. I will measure it later today. In the meantime: prices on most ties have been dropped today.
Is the plaque that was removed still included or did the genius who had it removed discard of it?
New Posts  All Forums: