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MOAR!: ..........All available.
Yup. Thats what I thought. Plus that doody fabric tag (the "silk" felt a bit doody too).Nah, not in the slightest (unless a buck qualifies for "in deep" these days.Here are some more finds (thrift & non):NWOT old stockNWOTOld stock that was worn onceAll are available.
Just found this is the wild: Anyone know if these were ever a hot item to knock off/fake? Does that tag & tipping say anything?
My thoughts. So many of these finds (if true thrift) are something else.Yes, this guy is (well, somewhat).You come across as someone with very thin skin.Lighten up.
No one is picking a fight namby pamby. You need to settle down & realize when someone is razing you and has the right to have their own opinion & express it. Grow up & get a better sense of perspective for christs sake. You come across with someone who has the temperament of an 18 year old. The fact that you let someone else opinion about something as trivial as the style of a shoe get under your skin should embarrass you.In regards to your opinion on the shining: It's a...
PLEASE NOTE: You must read the sale terms listed below before contacting me. I will wait no longer then 24 hours for replies from interested parties. I have been having too many people claiming that they want something and then disappearing for days, if not all together after going back and forth via PM. It is not fair to me or the other people waiting in line. As a result of this you must include your email address in your initial PM to me.. This is a new old stock,...
.....moving on. These are all available:....more to come.
no need to apologize. You were just being helpful.Dial it back on the sensitivity.Tassels are old hat & look dated, stale.....and old.Most I have spoken to feel the same way.There is no reason to wear them other than to indulge in the eccentricity of reliving the past.In regards to your bewilderment about me having someone else shine my shoes: All in good time. I don't have the time to learn to shine or shine right now. I will do so later when time permits. I have no...
Yup, and I'm a OK with that.I don't understand how people can wear tassels today and not think that they look dorky. Besides, at three dollars for the shoes and six dollars for the shine I can't complain.
I found these and I cannot find anything on the brand/company/maker:
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