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Sure, it can be. Mid-century modern is best as well as Danish & condition can make or break though.I will post some of my finds in a bit.
I walked in the joint & it was just sitting in it's original box.....all NOS (New Old Stock) & shit.It was a stainless steel built-in (meaning your kitchen wall) toaster from decades ago. 4 slices I believe. The whole unit is 2 pieces: The sleeve, which goes into the wall, permanently mounted & then the toaster, which fits in the sleeve. The toaster apparently operates while inside the sleeve & then self ejects when done.The kicker: The sleeve was nowhere to be found, I...
Close to there.I have found some odd ball shit with value to it at that place.You know when you flip a toaster (and an incomplete one at that) for $600 you are finding some crazy weird stuffs.
Yar, appologioes for the simpleton nature of my post, I was in a rush. I found this months ago and did not get to post until now & did so without elaborating. The faux hand stitch (with perfect "v" pattern on the back side) had me skeptical as well. The fabric tag seemed off a bit as the legit ones that I have seen differ in terms of wording & placement.Just a buck so I could care less.The kicker is that when I was at the same thrift a pair of near new (worn once or twice...
Thoughts: Looks (hand done edges, fabric tag) & feels (feels like silk) legit. Your take?
Here we go (all are available):Hardly used Piana cable knit cashmere V-neck (Size 50): [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] Hardly used. Near New Ferragamo Loafers (comes with box):Again, Hardly used D&G Italian made loafers (a few marks to the sides of the uppers though):Once more: Near new, Italian made:Worn once USA made old stock Cole Haan loafers: [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] Lightly Worn Ralph Lauren English Made Unstructured loafers( Size...
MOAR!: ..........All available.
Yup. Thats what I thought. Plus that doody fabric tag (the "silk" felt a bit doody too).Nah, not in the slightest (unless a buck qualifies for "in deep" these days.Here are some more finds (thrift & non):NWOT old stockNWOTOld stock that was worn onceAll are available.
Just found this is the wild: Anyone know if these were ever a hot item to knock off/fake? Does that tag & tipping say anything?
My thoughts. So many of these finds (if true thrift) are something else.Yes, this guy is (well, somewhat).You come across as someone with very thin skin.Lighten up.
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