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I'm in need of a winter coat so I'll definitely be watching this thread closely for announcements. A camel chesterfield would be dope but so would a black fishtail...
A trench would be really awesome I'm eagerly waiting for details about that.
Are more of these in the works? These boots are so dreamy. I've been on the waitlist color 8 captoe for like 6 months but I would totally prefer ravello.
Balance paid! I can't wait for this to arrive. Yet another shawl color cardigan to add to my growing collection.
I'm looking forward to getting my heirloom cardigan. I just looked at my invoice and it seems I checked the option of including pockets on my cardigan. Does anyone know if that means normal (ie small) pockets, or the large pockets seen on the hoodie?
I'd love to see some winter options too!
This thread isn't getting enough love. Got my varsity a while ago but haven't had much opportunity to wear it. Now that it's getting cooler, I can't stop wearing it! Great job, guys. I'll be on the lookout for whatever other styles you have coming out in the future.
My varsity was supposed to arrive this morning but I wasn't home to sign for it. I'm gonna drop by the post office tomorrow to pick it up. I'll probably post pics of it sometime later tomorrow evening. Can't wait!
So what are the primary differences between the shoemart 4060 boot and the alden of DC captoe in color 8? As far as I know, the DC version has the commando sole and no speed hooks. I've been on the wait list for them for like 4 months now and am getting impatient. I'm trying to decide if I should just grab the shoemart m ones.
Stop coming out with awesome ideas for shit I need to buy. I'm already craving a trench (which I swear to god had better be confirmed) and MDR. Now I need get multiple pairs of pants as well!? It is a poor business model to overload your consumer base with too much shit when they can't afford it. Cut it out with all the ideas... tia.
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