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Just ordered one! I'll post fit pics when it arrives.
I'm really excited for the Momotaro collaboration deep indigo jacket you announced in July. Are yall still shooting for a mid-November release? I want to jump on it as soon as you put it up for sale but I am a little uneasy about the sizing. It's a lot of money to drop without being able to try it on first Do you have someone wearing around the prototype so that you can show how it has faded by the time you release it?
Stop coming out with awesome ideas for shit I need to buy. I'm already craving a trench (which I swear to god had better be confirmed) and MDR. Now I need get multiple pairs of pants as well!? It is a poor business model to overload your consumer base with too much shit when they can't afford it. Cut it out with all the ideas... tia.
I refuse to buy a varsity if there is no Sequin Bieber Option.
Agreed. Panerai has slick design, but you pay primarily for the craftsmanship/movement. I'm no watch enthusiast and I don't know much about quality movement so it makes no difference to me. It's a cool looking watch and you could slap the innards of a $5 watch in it and it would still look cool. And I think they prefer "homage" to "counterfeit."
Quote: Originally Posted by jakekrait Drew, I think my wardrobe is gonna be build around your stuff from now on. I hope you're ready. And by the way I like your Sinn. New watch to accompany my ToJ. To cheap for the Original right now...: I tried to look through their website to find that model but it's so stupidly laid out I couldn't find it. What is the model number of that? Ballin watch. vvv Well it's a good thing that's not a Panerai...
Oh god that QDR is sooo good. I'm still waiting on the anniversary piece and whatever lightweight shit you put out (trench) but the QDR has definitely supplanted the MDR for my favorite leather piece. I wasn't sold by the initial pictures of it, but that jacket is fucking amazing.
Since you seem to actually be counting the votes, I support the harrington. Preferably not suede so I can wear it in the rain. The only reason I'm not voting for a varsity is because you don't seem to want to make one. Otherwise, a new varsity has my vote 100%
I actually really like that one. It has enough going on without being pretentious and it doesn't sound like an album title. The "revere" part plays nicely off of the temple in TOJ, and "reverie" is a pretty good representation of the origins of TOJ. Also, unless I'm mistaken, in Japanese (and possibly other Asian languages), this would sound a lot like leather when spoken. Good job.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol double breasted trench with leather belt and lapels He mentioned a single-breasted mac I think, but yeah a double-breasted trench would be the best thing ever.
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