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Had a great time chatting with Kirby yesterday. It was nice not to have to wait for a postman and to get to talk with someone who shares an interest in clothing. Picked up a ton of stuff from him as well: Tomorrow comes the the shoe cleaning. I think my plan is to smoke the cigar and drink some scotch while doing the shoe maintenance tomorrow.
It's certainly very understated and pleasant, at least from here.
Now that we're back from commercial, this is gorgeous.
I can smell you from here.
I'm off to go have a cigar and pick some stuff up from Kirby, so I suppose that means I'm incoming. Pics of massive shoe care purchase to come.
Those better be some bad ass shoe trees for $750.
I want to know if those are shorts Wooster is wearing.Is that a Glen Urquhart? I would have said it was a giant Russell plaid.No worries stitcheroo, at that point you'll be able to put together your own un-pitti in the same vein as the Bil conference (which is an un-conference that runs concurrently with and near to the Ted conference).
Obviously you did not meet many from Texas. Had you, perhaps you'd have heard the saying (which I'm sure is not unique to us) "You ask a stupid question, you get a stupid answer."
I would imagine that proper meditation on your question will lead to the appropriate answer.
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