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Why is this cheap? I think it's friggin' awesome and may have to try it out.
I'm going to guess you're just trolling for a fight now.
Could be worse.
Very nice. I am mid shoe care regimine myself.
As I understand, it is currently out of stock because there is some problem with import.
I'm undecided with regards to my vanda squares as to which I prefer, but I applaud you for the counterexample.
I'm sure that can be accomodated.
Well, technically I made the kop a week or so ago, but it came in today.Did you get the duet clothes brush? The brush is totally awesome. I do not think you will be disappointed. If you'd like, next time you buy a brush, let me know. I'll source you one 200% over retail and save you time by going through the transaction for you. All you'll need to do is provide the cash. I'll even have it shipped here so that I can rebox it in something worthy of what was paid.
New Posts  All Forums: