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I would add to this The Robot (If only because it has absolutely the best line from the doctor of any doctor in any series as far as I'm concerned), The Ark in Space, The Sontaran Experiment, then Genesis of the Daleks.
My loquacious propensity for the verbose has never lent itself towards brevity, obviously.Do what you gonna do playa, but there is an SF meme about the guy who keeps going "just until I have enough, then I'll make the jump" and keeps buying things he doesn't like as much as he could. As a last bit: Vox gave me a great piece of advice when I was first thinking about bespeaking. He told me to first spend some time with and try on a bunch of high end RTW stuff. Then he...
I left it out because it's prolific enough that he's probably already seen it. Certainly belongs on there. It's something that goes without saying.
If Y and Z are known to not be X and not to be related to X, that's one thing. So are trolls who just deliberately derail things. If A, B, and C are unknown and can be shown to be equal or equivalent to X, then the thread is still about X because being about X implies that it is about A/B/C and vice versa. However, even if A, B, and C are shown to not be X, the determination of that is still about X.Addressing the question of definition when ambiguity is present - ...
James Stewart films stitch should see if he hasn't already: Vertigo Rear Window The Man Who Knew Too Much Harvey (The 1950 version) Bell Book and Candle The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence The Philadelphia Story Cheyenne Social Club
What I'm saying is if you have ~5-10 jackets and are in an environment where it is required that you wear a jacket but nobody really cares what that jacket looks like as long as you can meet all of the requirements placed upon you, then stop. If you are at a place where in the context of your real life you've got things covered - even if they are not entirely to your liking - save. Recently you seem to be constantly lamenting this tailor you don't like make you things you...
What a difficult task this must be.
Diaz, how many jackets do you now own?
That's pretty cool. There is, however, one doctor missing.
One thing that can be done to fix this is to hit ctrl+F5 (I think the mac version is cmd+F5). This does a hard refresh of the page, wiping everything about it from the cache and reloading it from scratch.
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