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Apparently you missed the memo:This.Is this the actual use case? While I know that there are teenagers who lurk, my guess would be that the average lurker/noob/beginner is probably mid-twenties to mid-thirties and is finding out for the first time that they don't have to follow in the foot steps of Kurt Cobain or Arthur Fonzerelli.
One more reason to cut down on the rich kosher food.
Honey badger.
Don't you just love it when that happens?
Those have been slow in coming.
I'm glad that at least someone appreciated it. It can be difficult to be a member of the hard sciences around here.
I don't disagree with either of these statements. However, the question was one of whether or not you can be successful at ignoring the rules. I generally consider ignoring to be a matter of intent - a conscious action. From what I've seen of LabelKing, I would agree that he is fully versed in the language, but that he is indifferent to it as it pertains to what he may want to wear. A sort of sociopathy versus psychopathy if you will.
Here is an example. More can be found by googling him.
You wanted an example of someone who totally ignores the rules and doesn't play the game.
The context for Cantabrigian's statement is implicit and this is an irrelevant set of statements.
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