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Agreed about the tie. The solid twill comes off as similar in scale to the micro stripe of the shirt. Additionally, neither the jacket nor the pants is very heavy on texture so that, at least in pictures, it all looks about the same. The best way I can think of to describe it is that there's plenty of harmony, but the melody is subdued if not absent.This isn't to say that it's bad though.
Hat's are like almost anything else. You've got to learn how to use them, but there's really no such thing as "too young." Given that it's dreary and wet outside, I should really be pulling my Peter's Bros. out more.
I could have sworn I posted a "Mazel Tov!" in response to chocsosa.
If we're adding on ages I should probably mention I'm 28.
I went and had a smoke to go pick some stuff up that I'd bought and picked up this Rocky Patel 2003 while I was there. I quit smoking about two years ago, but I think I may be willing to have a cigar a week or so, since this went so well with my Ardbeg.
I would agree, however I found myself underwhelmed by the Lagavulin this time. I think it's because I drank it after the Laphroaig.
out chophousing for a friends birthday with laphroaig 18 and Lagavulin 16 so far.
So I went searching for a thread like this recently because I was curious and figured this topic would have been covered before. It has but the thread is now six years old. Additionally, some of this information ends up being offered freely in Connemara's starting dsalary thread, but it's not the focus So, how much schoolin' e'rybody 'round these parts got? I know we run the gammut from the never finished high school to PhDs, but I think having some insight as to the...
Is that Glenfiddich?
I'm sure if you drink some more, your scotch will forgive you.
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