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fair enough. Given that intent, it looks great. Certainly within the purview of good taste regardless.
Must agree with SB on this. Also, did you lose the u Canta?
So I have quite a number of things I expect to be incoming in the next month and I cannot decide whether or not I want to post as they come in, or save it all up and blow one big load.
I would like it more if there were more contrast between the tie and the suit.
The pieces are all fine but the combination is not. The shirt and tie are very bright and formal, where as the tweed is more rough and subdued. Were you wearing a charcoal suit, you'd be good, but the colors do not work together. A better thought would be an off white shirt and say a black or green knit tie. Edit: This is not to say that this is the worst thing ever posted however.
Exactly and only what I said.
This is not to say anything about the hats or Pitti however.
I keep wanting to put it with a pink shirt - probably a pinpoint or something with minimal texture, navy grenandine, charcoal trousers, and mid brown shoes. I could be off my rocker though.
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