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Where's Malkovich?
Where is Sator when you need him?Your restraint in this matter is admirable, but I don't think anyone would mind if you were more liberal.
The drape awakens. Then again, I don't think the war ever really ended. We are but new soldiers in an everlasting battle. Pawns to be manipulated into position until finally one side is snuffed out or the other eviscerated.
The question is not one of whether or not I'm glad that Dallas - as part of Texas - is implied here to not be part of the US, but one of why I am glad.
From the book of Alfred, S01:E03. In nomine vespertilio nocte timor.
Because true power lies in understanding what the people want better than they do.
None was taken. Mostly, I was trying to improve upon my previous silly comments. For the most part I've enjoyed the pictures of GP's work as different from the other stuff I've been looking at recently.Since reading Toby Slade's "Japanese Fashion: A Cultural History" I've enjoyed investing some leisure thought into how CM can be interpeted differently, and CTP's comment got me back to trying to associate tailoring looks to different modern visual art styles. I think I can...
I can only assume this is followed by a good cuddle.
This seems like the making of something I will never live down. I remain open to a better description. I have an idea of what you're getting at though, and I think that the French tailoring thread is a good source of examples for this - a thread which I have, unsurprisingly, been really enjoying.I also take issue with some of your characterization. You phrase things as if it's one of drape/no drape, but I think is more accurately put as one of "How much drape?" My...
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