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That cut is not for anyone.
Just don't wear that. It looks horrible.I don't think so. My son's favorite is also Rainbow Dash. He needs a new rainbow dash hoodie for the school year, so we're commiting a huge family sin and all getting an MLP hoodie - Rainbow for him, Twilight Sparkle or Applejack for my daughter, Fluttershy for my wife, and Pinkie Pie for me.
I have seen GITS, but not in a while. I recently rewatched SAC and SAC:2G. Project 2501 looks cool.
I've turned it into a critical thinking exercise for my son. He's starting to suspect - he was told that the easter bunny isn't real and then asserted to me that his mom and I are the tooth fairy. What I told him in both cases was that I will believe him so long as he can prove it. Now he wants to catch us in the act.
My Daughter was so entranced with Frozen that my wife had to download a cam-bootleg (Apparently people still do that) in January just so that she would stop.WRT Other kids movies: Agree on Miyazaki's work, though it can be heavy and bloody (E.G. Naussica or Mononoke). Aside from Ponyo/Howl/Spirited Away/Naussica/Totoro they've enjoyed Porco Rosso and The Secret World of Arietty (though Miyazaki did not direct that one). Wreck it Ralph, Tangled, and Frozen are also big and...
The pattern on that tie gives me a very post-war vibe.
This seems plausible.
Cordwainers. Because they have to understand the way the sole of the shoe interacts with different walking surfaces, they are intimately familiar with the maintenance of such surfaces.
That's why I have them do my taxes and babysit my kids.
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