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My grand jete was on point today.
I have.
Early morning ballet class with the five year old.
That's going to require a serious salve.
My hypothesis is that the offer is from a shell company which is really just Piob, Edina, Conne, Kwilk, aj, and Greger pooling their money. Probably also several of the other Matts who are not me.
Cool. Any particular plans for the place or did you just want it all for your very own (even DT and the CEsspool)?
What's I miss?
Where does Chromexcel fall for this list? I keep my boots supple with neatsfoot oil but rarely use polish.
I don't know that I've ever felt the need to buy anything in New Orleans specifically. There's an amazing used book store down pirates alley in the quarter. Somewhere near there used to be a really cool vintage watch shop. If you are going to buy anything in New Orleans specifically, buy food. Louisiana quite literally has some of the best food on the planet most of which can't be found outside the state. The standard rec in that regard is, of course, Commander's Palace....
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