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The pattern on that tie gives me a very post-war vibe.
This seems plausible.
Cordwainers. Because they have to understand the way the sole of the shoe interacts with different walking surfaces, they are intimately familiar with the maintenance of such surfaces.
That's why I have them do my taxes and babysit my kids.
That was an amazing book.Also, I hate you all. There is just not enough reason to own an overcoat in Texas.
I believe @dieworkwear made the observation: "Excuse me miss, may I see your dark and elegant denims?" More personally, while I fully accept that a mixing of formalities occurs - and that such a thing has become pretty common - black derbies seems like anachronism. I suppose I can see something sleek like a well styled one or two eyelet derby fitting the bill of appropriateness, but most examples not so much.
They help make the shoes better.
Sure man, next time you're here or I'm in B-more, we can totally get our grub on.
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