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I do not have any of his DBs. I've seen them and they are brilliant though.
Today was a day for it. Lots of DBs to choose from.
Then I'm saying you need to go spend more time looking at the tailor thread.
I suddenly saw this thread and was like "Should I?" but it turns out I was beaten to my own punch.
My anatomical expertise is up top, so I will defer to you on whether or not that rug needs to be trimmed.
I love how clean and simple this is.
I don't know about that. Not in the rude sceptical sense but in the I am not a tailor sense. What is pretty obvious is that the cut of the pant is off. I would agree with Teger that it's too tight up top and too loose on bottom. Fixing this might then be a matter of fixing the taper of the leg. Note that this doesnt necessarily mean that the hem gets smaller. I'm sure that a good tailor could make a pair of pants with that width which look smashing. It is about shape.
So, to be clear, you're saying he has a low left shoulder and an erect posture?
[[SPOILER]] That things were previously worse is not to say they can't be improved. There are some pretty glaring problems if you know how to look for them. As such, I would encourage you guys to go back and reconsider Teger's suggestions.The drape you're looking for isn't coming from the shape of the jacket, but rather that the cut is ill suited to the wearer. You can see how the line of the shoulder is broken. There's the puckering near the arm hole. It is pulling at the...
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