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The feels.
The drop, but the hook is going strong.
"We're sort of like 7-11. We may not always be doing business, but we're always open."
Don't go dub-steppin'.
I wouldn't call either of them lime green, but yes. Something else the four - Trailleur, LabelKing, Barima, and Vox - have in common though is a rather deep bench from which to draw.
This is correct.
After drug and mental health problems I finished my undergraduate degrees in 2008. From 2008 to 2010 I worked as a software developer until I left to go to grad school. I finish my doctorate in May. I will be 30. The average life expectancy in the US these days for men is 75 and the retirement age is 67. Provided that I stick with it, this gives me 37 years in a career I have been single-minded in pursuit of - even while I was screwing up other things - since I was ~7....
I was 22 when my first decided to show up. Life is what happens when you're making plans.
@The Noodles - are you expecting?
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