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I just received my latest yesterday. For the last four years my wife and kid (now kids) have given me a tie and square as part of my birthday. Vanda is Friggin' awesome.
I was told at one point by my undergrad DE prof that French mathematicians in the 18th and 19th centuries developing the field of differential equations had a pithy phrase that basically amounted to "When you get stuck, make whatever assumptions you need to move forward."
*often used.(Pure) math papers make plenty of reference to well behaved functions/spaces/categories/etc, but even if the criteria for being "well-behaved" is not made explicit in the context for the paper (for example a G-action on a fusion category is well behaved if it gives rise to a (non-degenerate) (braided) G-crossed fusion category. In this case those that are not well behaved are the actions on a category from which we cannot construct an equivariantization.While...
Somebody's hip to the new jive lingo, though I was only referencing the statement rather than referring to said post as the drop.
The feels.
The drop, but the hook is going strong.
"We're sort of like 7-11. We may not always be doing business, but we're always open."
Don't go dub-steppin'.
I wouldn't call either of them lime green, but yes. Something else the four - Trailleur, LabelKing, Barima, and Vox - have in common though is a rather deep bench from which to draw.
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