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We all carry them, yet apparently I can't find a thread specifically devoted to that leather good which is ever so pervasive. I know, there are affiliate threads and I think a generic leather goods thread, but how is there not a Wallet thread? I mean, there's also the Green wallet Threak, but that's ever so slightly different. It is after all. Anyway, to that end, here is a wallet thread. My wife gave this to me as a gift for my birthday in 2015. I say that, but what she...
Good shoes for kicking Zac Efron though.
This tie probably qualifies as difficult.
Super 100s wool. They're by Incotex. I picked them up for a song off LuxeSwap some years ago.
Yes/No. I like playing with it as if it were a jacket, and I love the fact that the wood buttons throw that for a loop.
It was 35 when I left yesterday morning which gave me an excuse to pull out my Kanata cardigan, which I haven't gotten to wear much because as soon as I bought it our winters went super mild. The day ended up with a high of 68, but an excuse is an excuse. [[SPOILER]]
Around May 8, 2011 according to my PMs. I love it to death. It's also wild to see how much better you guys have gotten since then. My second tie from you guys is still my favourite: It's like wearing a piece of ribbon.
Holy shit! How did I never realize there's a Vanda thread. I just wore my Zegna Wool-Linen shepherd check from your first offering before Vanda officially lauched as Vanda. Today was also an excuse for the double stripe shantung.
Peoples is coming out of the woodwork.
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