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You guys need to find a project for summer weight fabrics. You know, something that will not cook me like a pot roast.
Given that she's acquiesced to the Despos Solaro, I feel like some reciprocity is in order.Inorite? They were my first SF approved shoe purchase and at the time I was totally headed in a direction where black shoes could be regulars for me. Then I took a turn. Hopefully they will find a good home with someone who appreciates them. That can, of course, be arranged.
I can either be possessive of them and let them sit on a shelf and rot, or they can move along and I can spend the money on my wife. Overall, I think the second option is preferable.
On the subject of pocket squares from Vanda that are still available, this one is a personal favorite:
I took some pictures of my Decos today because I've put them up on B&S. I love them to death, but my wardrobe has moved in a different direction. The thing I still love most about them though - I can also tell you what stitcheroo loves most as well - is the color gradations from the toe bleaching that is done with the Deco black. I think that one will always get me.
" 'The time has come,' the Walrus said, 'to talk of many things: of shoes...' " which is the place we find ourselves at the moment. For sale is my pair of Deco Collcuts from G&G, sized UK 8D in Deco black. I love them, and they're wonderful, but alas I've only worn them a handful of times - less than half a dozen. It is very sad. They are beautiful shoes but since buying them I have gone in a different direction, and now they sit unworn on my shelf. They deserve better...
Which is a lot.
Pfft. Pink and Lavender shirts are the shiznit.
And here I thuoght it would simply be filled with shoe shining goodies. Those boots are gorgeous though. I would love to explore french tailoring/shoemaking.
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