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David Lynch would be proud.
So these are not perfectly lined up, but... This is a shirt from Chris. I think it does a good job of capturing the curve he's talking about, even though the collar is unbuttoned for this photo. I can attest that the collar continues to hug the collar bone and roll around when buttoned. This photo is with stays. Here is a picture of the same collar with stay on the viewer's left and without on the viewer's right. Here is the same collar, sans stays, buttoned, with...
I have some pictures of the collars for one of the shirts you made for me that illustrates both this and how collar stays can be awesome. I will see if I can find them.
That would turn the thread into an ouroboros of meta.
I would like to hear more about this.
Please remember to tip your waitress.
Butchy be arguin' 'bout whateva Butchy wants.
Don't sugar coat it. Tell us how you really feel.
My assertion is only meant to agree that Borrelli has some of the best RTW button downs I've seen - though I quibble as to whether or not I like them more than Kamakura's. My understanding is though that Mercer does the best button down overall, some of which can be seen here. I think also that Dege is supposed to do a good button down. Thinking about it more though, I can agree that Borrelli is a contender, but I've seen some really good button downs (on hanger or...
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