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Here. There. Up. Down. In. Out. All around. I poked my head up out of my self-imposed finish-your-damn-doctorate exile to find out what frankenstitching was after stitchy messaged me on LinkedIn while I was looking for boots. Been lurking about for the last week or so.
I didn't know G&G made a souble monk.
That would be more believable, though, were such a title bestowed, I'd consider it dubious as well. However, "on your way" is hard to argue with since just about everything is "on the way."
Thanks. Both make sense, although in the second case I'd present heavy argument. As I recall, you are (at least closer to) an expert on a subject related to the forum than I am.
Two questions: 1. What the fuck is Frankenstitching? 2. Why does the site now proclaim that I am a "renowned expert?"
I don't live in NYC and so have not used him, but my understanding is that Frank Ercole should be able to knock this out of the park for you. While it is true that you cannot see what your personal commission would look like before it is finished, there are plenty of examples of Frank's work in the Frank Ercole thread. Related, but separate, is that there is also a black tie thread which will have useful information about black tie in general. An advantage is that Frank...
I'm also looking after a proxy service, but specifically I need something that will do in store purchases (in Tokyo). This puts sutoCorp and fromJapan out.
No worries. Those shoes are so aggressive they scare all germs away.
Like anybody who has thus far made reference to the post can call me nerd.
Averaged over the year, that still isn't much.
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