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What I really appreciate about these are the double reverse pleat. In this case it looks like they give just enough room for those pants to fall straight as an arrow. Unless there is some pressing need, I would only worry that any slimming would ruin that magnificent line.
That's a totally reasonable size then and, as I said, they look gorgeous.
Those are pretty. What is the size scale. The combo lock seems like a neat idea, but if it's too small it's going to be useless and seems like it would have to be a non-functional gimmick.
Navy makes more sense than black/grey. I could get on board with navy.
#canplaybytherulesThe olive and burgundy stripe shirt seemed weird. Together with the square, it just seemed jarring.It's totally possible to obtain. Aside from the custom pants - which are an entity unto themselves - the thing with RTW is finding makers who fit you well and having an alterations tailor you know and can trust. Fit is first.
I get the whole black-formal bit. I shy away from black leather most things. Being me, I would want the navy because "fuck yea navy!" but the brown would probably be like "I can do this with everything." It sounds like you want something that will be an every day item. That said, I also feel like going brown is overly considered. Having something like that made in navy, while it might not always be concordant, still seems like the sort of thing that can be used...
I was with you until the cane.Newc and I were just talking about you in here.Ah... FNB.I'm confused but willing to be convinced.
This definitely seems more... conservative? It's a more traditional color for leather. Probably less wink and smirk, if that makes any sense. Which is not to say that I don't like the leather, it's just a different direction and I'm curious if there's a reason you'd make the shift other than "I like this new leather better."
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