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My list is up there.
You'll have to click the spoiler to look.
I feel like my picks should be pretty self explanatory.
This bears QFT and seconding times 1000. Regardless of what she may think, it's very likely you know far more about mens clothing and what fits your aesthetic than she does. As you've expressed that clothing is something important to you this is a boundary you should establish.
Awesome. Will do. I'm sort of stuck between it and the blue linen Cantarelli (among other things) at the moment.
You should post more.
The only way to get past the patchy stage is to just let it grow. Eventually either it will get long enough to start covering the patches and the other parts will start to grow. You've got to give it time, which can mean months. Eventually though, I've yet to encounter someone who used my method without eventually achieving a real, full beard.
Any idea when measurements will be up for the Camoshita Brown & burgundy tartan check linen & silk sport coat?
I figured you'd seen something. Definitely would put my money behind that being the case.
Indeedily. Come May that maker will remain correct, but I would expect that the second iteration exceeds the first. How he'll do that is up to anyone, but the man has his ways. Also, fuckin' shape. Double also, fuckin' LB.
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