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I don't know that I've ever bought the line that things were always better in the good old days, however there's an accumulation effect that occurs. Most of the posts this thread has drawn from are from the last year. However, the forum has now been around for ten. The number of regular posters, at least in the time I've been here, has stayed relatively constant - though who those posters are changes. Whether or not the quality of the offerings has stayed the same is...
Okay, I vote that stitch get a second list of his 6-10.
I agree with the sentiment that this thread is missing much. However, throwing all of that into the mix would almost certainly push much of the new blood out. I think of this sort of like the best of the recent season, rather than of all time.
I can be done detouring and get this thread back on track. Aportnoy: The photo quality is not great, but that is totally independent of the quality of the 'fit. In terms of 'fit, I think only Butler's pieces from Steven Hitchcock rival this, however overall - biases be damned - I still have to give it to Despos. Aportnoy's arm may be cocked, but even so you can see just how friggin' clean that jacket and those trousers are. The way I describe Chris' lines is by saying...
It's been around forever. It's a bit of an institution: Sunday-Thursday: 10:00-8:00 Friday: 10:00 - "one hour before shabbos candle lighting." Saturday: Closed.
I know a great Kosher place here in DFW. Aside from having been there and thoroughly enjoyed it, It's been recommended to me by most of my local Joo friends who did not know I'd already been there.
If you put a gun to my head, I'll make any list you want. However, if that list you want is what I think the best things from the 20+ thread are, then that's pretty much the list I will come up with. The reason for "Pretty much" is that Butler's blue 6x1 is not in that thread. I don't think it got posted anywhere other than the challenge thread. Which is sad, because it's fucking fantastic.
I am taking the piss with you as well. Such was the point of my original statement, because everyone seems to be throwing out reasons that they chose things. I was being a little bit of a bastard just to have a bit of fun with it. My statement regarding being better dressed is specifically aimed at your list.That said, I've already made one of these lists so far this year. That list was curated with things I liked and I felt represented what had happened so far this year...
You saying you're always better dressed than those in it?
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