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I like Arrested Development. It certainly has elements that are completely non-existent in other Sitcoms. I certainly can't think of anything better executed at the moment.
[[SPOILER]] I have never liked Seinfeld. Then again, while I've liked what I've seen of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Jerry's stand up has also never appealed to me. As a kid it was sort of "What?" but now as an adult who has spent time studying and doing comedic work, what I have seen as an adult was like watching paint dry, and not in an avant garde way. I think Louie does a much better job at being a show about the mundane and the humor that comes out of that while...
This gets the question wrong though. The tailor's job is to make something that fits you - regardless of the influences on their house cut. There are plenty of examples of people with different posture and frame issues in different styles of suit. I'm sure Rubinacci does not only service people of a certain proportion. I'm certain that Despos does not.Pick the tailor based upon how much you like what they do - which includes how they cut and shape cloth. This isn't to say...
I would find a tailor who does work you like and with whom you can build a rapport - ask about their fitting process and what they like to cut. Once you've settled on someone, tell them the sorts of things you like, pick the stylistic details - pockets, lapel, closure, etc - and then let them make the jacket.
Where's Malkovich?
Where is Sator when you need him?Your restraint in this matter is admirable, but I don't think anyone would mind if you were more liberal.
The drape awakens. Then again, I don't think the war ever really ended. We are but new soldiers in an everlasting battle. Pawns to be manipulated into position until finally one side is snuffed out or the other eviscerated.
The question is not one of whether or not I'm glad that Dallas - as part of Texas - is implied here to not be part of the US, but one of why I am glad.
From the book of Alfred, S01:E03. In nomine vespertilio nocte timor.
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