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I feel like something should be said here regarding opinion and knowledge. Perhaps some sort of quote would capture my meaning. Unfortunately I can't think of any right now. Oh well, nothing to do about it.
As a suit the combination is just fine.
Is it just a jacket or a suit?
Is the jacket black and white or brown and beige?
Chris' big thing is in watching how you move and creating a dynamic garment that moves with, not against, you. I've come to think that jacket and pants have the curves they do, and the in built shape, so that they are mechanically situated to flow with your movements. The same goes for how he has shirts made. When I got the first one I was worried that the sleeves would be short and mentioned this. He did his thing where he said, "Well, try it, and when you come back we'll...
I have. I've the suit and four shirts. They are all wonderful.The whole thing is really telling once you know what to look for. body is shaped so that the waist has shape without having been suppressed. The sleeve pitch is impecible - how many times did Chris make you try it on until he was satisfied with it. The fronts also have an amazing line to them. The whole thing really illustrates why I say Chris' work looks like it has been drawn on. Also, the pants? Am I right?
That shoulder is a dead give away.
Woody Guthrie does not want to meet the forum-ite who would argue against double breasted coats with sweaters.
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