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Nasher, Crow, Kimbell, Amon Carter.
Wear them in good health and enjoy!
And a new one again, thank you very much.I have some ice for that burn if you need it, SB.
It does not surprise me that someone from Dallas (assuming Dallas proper) had never been to Ft. Worth. As someone from Arlington - midway between the two, I can say that I've been to both and I'd rather spend time in Dallas. Still Dallas has numerous faults of its own and I have no intention of remaining longer than I have to.Also as a former Ag-town resident, it's very hard to call it a suburb. 325000+ people, 50th largest city in the US... Still, Arlington sucks, just...
Is there anything to say about Houston? It's there I guess. Hamilton Shirts is there. It's hard to think of anything positive though which is not immediately drowned out by the fact that Houston is Houston. As far as things in the negative column go, that's a pretty big one.
Oh no. Ft. Worth >> Houston. They have the stock yards, and with them the quality of beef that you would expect. It has its foibles, but I'm from that side of the tracks and know the charms. Arlington on the other hand is a city I can bad mouth all day long. However, it is still not as bad as Houston.
I'm trying very hard not to say something snarky about Houston.
This proposition sounds itchy.This sounds cool.
I'm not disagreeing, just continuing to lament what a difference ~8 degrees of latitude makes. 15+ ounces would make for great pants that come out of my closet when I travel north during F/W and a few more times if I'm lucky. If you did it at 13, I would throw down, but that's really not what it sounds like you are interested in and I think you should pursue that because it sounds cool.
More people wanting to do runs of ungodly heavy cloths...
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