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Just a general broadside against mixing cotton with wool.
Which is a more and more sensitive subject as I get older.
I assume that this is aimed at me. I don't disagree terribly much, but I am shaded by living in a place which is, for a significant part of the year, too hot to wear separately a jacket and any kind of wool. If I were to own only wool pants I'd be doing my best reevolving impression four months out of the year. I'm a dedicated performer willing to do Andy Kaufman proud, but not that dedicated.As I said though, I've decided those pants are for donation.Is that jacket solaro?
Yet you were aware instantly. It's okay to acknowledge being stalkerish. I'm awesome. Don't worry. No one will judge you here - at least, here in MC, not on things other than your clothes, which still seem to be non-existent.
Also, it does not seem that @brax is getting nearly the love he should. People need to appreciate just how killer that is.
I really liked Wreck-It Ralph, but in general I'm really happy with the topics Disney has been tackling since John Lassetter took over. That's a totally different conversation. I like the pants in theory, but they've never fit well, or at least never felt like they fit well. I can totally see them as "comfy casual" except that they're not comfy. Like I said, this was the nail in their coffin. The jacket will stay and get the proper treatment though. The sleeves are just a...
It's not that hard. I've been handing out hints this whole time. If you really need a text though I'd suggest Dali's Cuckolds of Antiquated Modern Art.
Especially if you see them when you're fluctuating, a smart tailor will go ahead and factor in some allowances. This seems like it is what Chris did. My weight has loop-the-looped a bit, but overall the silhouette hasn't really changed while being worn.
I was literally just thinking about cream flannel.
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