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I am willing to give it a fair hearing upon arrival and in combination.
This is why I love you guys. Looking back on it I'm not as fond of it as foo (though I don't think anybody ever was), but I disagree about the odd vest, at least in this case. The waistcoat reminds me of what would be worn with morning dress, and adds a little bit of punch that signifies it as a special occasion. Would definitely have gone with a different tie and shirt combo though. I think that a matching waistcoat in this case would be too business like and not quite so...
Here's the one I was thinking of above. was absolutely smitten with it:
Back when Foo was handing out Foo's, there was someone who posted a wedding photo with a blue suit, white shirt, forget the tie, and a yellowish odd vest. Did anybody save that? I can't find mine atm.
I agree that blue suit, white shirt, black grenandine, plain black oxford captoes, white Linen PS would be boss.
I got what I wanted.
I am totally with this. RTW shirts can work for me, but after having had Hamilton and Despos make shirts there's really little that can compare. While I will continue to by from them, I need some shirts that I'm less worried about. Plus, I don't really have any button down collars atm.
Thanks. My first choice was the red/white oxford instead of the red microstripe, but I would have had to change cut or size, and was not going to do that. I think that the red microstripe will be cool though. The one I'm really excited about is the blue/navy Gingham.
Blue Pinpoint Oxford [[SPOILER]] Cotton/Silk Blue/Navy Gingham [[SPOILER]] Red Microstripe Broadcloth [[SPOILER]] Blue/White Stripe Oxford [[SPOILER]]
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