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Are those the same stingrays as above? The ones with "8" inside of them?
If I do, everyone will go "Man, he may be dying, but at least that suit looks awesome. What fabric is that?"
[[SPOILER]] It's like you want me to spam you with pics from upcoming fittings! I am sure you will enjoy them.Live almost anywhere along the gulf coast. New York ain't got nothin'.
I think this is to be a barleycorn, but I see what you mean by broken bone.
More solaro herringbone. Evidence further supports that I'm the only one who likes the twill.
My summer project is already in the works, so that's sort of a moot point. Thanks to C&A, I think I will have a nice winter as well. However, As much as I like everyone else gawk at all of this heavy stuff, it's little more than a fantasy.Speaking of Trini, were you the one in the solaro thread interested in the lighter weight stuff? I found the swatches and was going to offer to send them along if you wanted to see them.I think I would agree with this. Summer is a very...
It's 66 at 8am here and will be in the '80s today. Summer weight fabrics is not about summer. Summer weight fabrics is about the fact that the climate in the southern part of the US is fundamentally different than that in the north. I get to wear mid-weight jackets from mid-october to mid-march (if I'm lucky) and there's no way in hell that 15oz will ever do much more than sit in my closet and look pretty.
You guys need to find a project for summer weight fabrics. You know, something that will not cook me like a pot roast.
Given that she's acquiesced to the Despos Solaro, I feel like some reciprocity is in order.Inorite? They were my first SF approved shoe purchase and at the time I was totally headed in a direction where black shoes could be regulars for me. Then I took a turn. Hopefully they will find a good home with someone who appreciates them. That can, of course, be arranged.
New Posts  All Forums: