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Have fun with the peat chain saw soaked in iodine. I can't drink the 10 anymore. For that age Ardbeg does better and Laphroaig's other offerings are just overall superior.
YMMV. I wear mine with boots as well, but was dissatisfied with the width after shrinking. They reminded me of the baggy jeans I used to wear in high school. They're still pretty relaxed, but I think the look is better. Certainly not skinny or tight, but with a better line. If I do buy another pair I will probably size down next time. This may alleviate the problem.
(I can do this and play with the meme at the same time.)My experience with the big jawnz jawnz was that they did not shrink a full 9%. I'm not that skinny any more, but I really felt like the only thing that shrunk to me during that part of the process were the waist and hips. The legs were huge and I ended up taking them in and having them tailored after all was said and done. This was also because while I liked cuffing them I wanted them to be a bit cleaner and so had...
Tanner Krolle, kopped from the 'bay. From the fonts used on the inside - does anyone have any idea what "the John Mendez Collection" is? - I'm guessing it was made between the mid '60s and the mid '70s. There are some blemishes at other, less flattering angles and the interior looks to be original. Hardware probably needs work. It's to be on its way soon and I'll have a better sense of things, but overall it looks to be in pretty bad ass condition. The leather can...
I love their stuff. My wife just bought their blue laptop bag and we are waiting for it to come in. I will try very hard not to drool on it, but it will probably be what pushes me over the edge into ordering one of their wallets.
Thanks. It will need some restoration, but I think it will be spectacular once it's completed.
Given that the other person who posted has only been around a month, I'm going to guess that's directed at me.
I'm pretty sure you can get an answer to that question right now since Kirby is doing an AMA over on Reddit. Or, for that matter, most any question you might have. Think of it like when you're browsing the site and the chat window comes up with him on the other end, except this time you're in the arena that is Reddit.
I own these jawnz. I can vouch for their awesomeness.
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