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RTC - For what industry would you be interviewing?
Since 2012.This looks like it's probably Drakes rather than Vanda, but just in case:All of Vanda's ties should be considered as bespoken from the stand point of quality, given that Gerald and Diana make all of the ties themselves to the same standard as they make their custom ties. I can also attest to their quality commitment. Last year they refused (very politely) to sell me a square that had some small water spots on it. Instead I got something else which was even more...
I just received my latest yesterday. For the last four years my wife and kid (now kids) have given me a tie and square as part of my birthday. Vanda is Friggin' awesome.
I was told at one point by my undergrad DE prof that French mathematicians in the 18th and 19th centuries developing the field of differential equations had a pithy phrase that basically amounted to "When you get stuck, make whatever assumptions you need to move forward."
*often used.(Pure) math papers make plenty of reference to well behaved functions/spaces/categories/etc, but even if the criteria for being "well-behaved" is not made explicit in the context for the paper (for example a G-action on a fusion category is well behaved if it gives rise to a (non-degenerate) (braided) G-crossed fusion category. In this case those that are not well behaved are the actions on a category from which we cannot construct an equivariantization.While...
Somebody's hip to the new jive lingo, though I was only referencing the statement rather than referring to said post as the drop.
The feels.
The drop, but the hook is going strong.
"We're sort of like 7-11. We may not always be doing business, but we're always open."
Don't go dub-steppin'.
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