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Just in case anyone is wondering what the Big John Rare 15.5oz Shrink-To-Fit jeans look like after 2.5 years of wear.
It is a dreary, overcast day. The kind that is always threatening to rain. That makes it perfect convertible weather and gives me an excuse to pull out my Buzz Rickson's MA-1.
I was surprised to find you missing G.
Greg, I would like to take a moment away from posts asking you about a thousand things and give you a for the awesome job you guys do.
While I do not own any, my understanding is that Meermin is within this range and well regarded by the forum.
I've been through several pairs of Belvest pants and liked them, but I am firmly of the opinion that if you can have something made to what you want for the same amount of money, then you should do that.
It reminded me of the Kanata cardi I picked up from NMWA which is also deliciously thick and with which I do something similar.
Deets on the cardigan.
Ah, yes. And some sort of pun about corrosive nature of expressing unsolicited opinion, especially those whose content is explicitly grounded in ignorance.
I feel like something should be said here regarding opinion and knowledge. Perhaps some sort of quote would capture my meaning. Unfortunately I can't think of any right now. Oh well, nothing to do about it.
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