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Your post count now makes far more sense.
I felt the need to summarize WAYWRN in far for 2014, so I did.
This forum has an established history of curated threads that sift through the chaff to get down to the wheat. On one hand, this exercise helps to narrow down the core of what the forum aesthetic may be at any given time. On the other hand, it serves as an actual expression of the aesthetic sensibilities held by the person doing the curating. However, while those may have collected the best of from years past, doing so has become problematic. There are over 27000 pictures...
"Greetings from Ireland."
Also, it seems like I will be the only person in the world who takes the twill over one of the herringbones.
Happened totally by chance. I was out scouting and it just happened to be here. As far as mine goes, There's this great thought in my head about having it made unlined - since the backing on the cloth is already very distinct and the lack of lining seems like it should allow for better air flow. I am perfectly willing to let you talk me out of it though.
I want the red one third from the bottom all the way on the left.
I'm presonally rather partial to the single breast. That's what I'm (most likely) going to have mine done up as.
This is what happens when I spend the weekend working non-stop.
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