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Oh no. Ft. Worth >> Houston. They have the stock yards, and with them the quality of beef that you would expect. It has its foibles, but I'm from that side of the tracks and know the charms. Arlington on the other hand is a city I can bad mouth all day long. However, it is still not as bad as Houston.
I'm trying very hard not to say something snarky about Houston.
This proposition sounds itchy.This sounds cool.
I'm not disagreeing, just continuing to lament what a difference ~8 degrees of latitude makes. 15+ ounces would make for great pants that come out of my closet when I travel north during F/W and a few more times if I'm lucky. If you did it at 13, I would throw down, but that's really not what it sounds like you are interested in and I think you should pursue that because it sounds cool.
More people wanting to do runs of ungodly heavy cloths...
Excellent. Let us begin this sequestration immediately. Then, next friday I will create a thread in which we can have our discussions.You are welcome to join us if you so desire as is anyone else who may have interest in this sort of study.Rock on dudicus. Congratulations.I don't know that it's so much patience as it is willpower to keep my mouth shut. There are very few things that I outright like, quite a few about which I am "meh", and even more for which I have an...
That's because I'm teletubby-level lovable. Just ask my wife, but do it when I've cleaned the kitchen and she's not mad at me.
So a number of years ago I remember when stitches was fairly new - back when Spoo had way more posts then he did. I remember because I was new, and there was another new poster around who shall not be named (though if you really feel like it you can drag the whole thing back up). He found himself in a very similar situation. I was not quite the same, but at the same time I did feel like I had more to learn than to offer. Finally, I proposed that the two of us together shut...
While I get that exotics are desirable, I would still hope not.
Are those the same stingrays as above? The ones with "8" inside of them?
New Posts  All Forums: