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Very cool guys. Welcome to the forum.
The suit is Belvest and while I like their fit for RTW, it's far from perfect.
Ecru shirts are amazing. Here is something I did recently with the one Despos made for me:
This is why I was not so worried about it.
I think you've mentioned this before. Still, I was struck by absence in my review last night, but 5000+ posts is a bit different to go through than 2000+ photos.
Your photos aren't stored on SF.
You're welcome, though the thread was not meant as a way of retroactively giving thumbs. Yours was included because of the naturalness to it. While I would have preferred a cream shirt, everything fits together well. There's a variation in texture and weight. Most importantly though you look like wearing your own clothes. You look comfortable, relaxed, and prepared for the day. In that photo you are not replacable - I could not stick Sitches or Clag in there and have...
There's a great picture of (I think) Sinatra, or maybe Carey grant wearing a ventless SB Grey POW that really should put this issue to rest. The rumpling there looks natural and proper.
Your post count now makes far more sense.
I felt the need to summarize WAYWRN in far for 2014, so I did.
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