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Lots of good stuff in there, some of it from me.
It's a polarizing fabric. It is also totally boss to handle in person and the red comes off very well.
Have you posted this question in the unfunded liabilities thread yet? That's really the place to get an answer.
Man wears a coat like that, you know he's willing to contract VD from somewhere. Which is why @DerekS would still buy it even if the sleeves are short.
If you can get a mirror shine on the deco black I would love to see it. My experience with it has been that maintaining the subtle variations in color are extremely difficult since so much of it is a combination of polish and finishing rather than in the leather itself. I'd be especially curious to see how the bleaching plays out.
This thread has led me to notice that there are episodes of "Only fools and horses..." which I've never seen. This, in and of itself, makes the thread a success for me.
Thought so. The Deco black does not mirror shine well.
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