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My wife caught me being a walking No Man ad recently.
I'm not going to, but I needed a good segue into it.
Let's get the old band back together. Also, that's Dr. Tits now (hence my ability to return).
This short film about an Oregon boot maker's woes in finding an apprentice showed up in my feeds today. At the very least, it has some cool video of bootmaking.
Do you know the year on this? From the bars, finish, and shape of the face I'm guessing something late '50s/early '60s-ish?
Somebody has Japanese tastes.
Two things: 1. It would not be SF without rant railing. 2. Is it a running joke that the link for your "Follow me on Instagram" is to your tumblr?
I don't know man, but I'm sure if you check Shadowland Fastjack will come back with way more than you ever wanted to know.
I was just trying to channel you the other day.
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