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You should see what it looks like when the throat latch is buttoned and it converts to a sort of nehru jacket thing.
Since I am popping up in the forum today anyway and I already uploaded it, here is my 1958 LeCoultre Powermatic. I was really pleased to be able to find the solid 14k version (the vast majority available are 10k plated) with (importantly) a dial that has not been restored. I really love the patina on this thing - even and subtle. What's also cool is that you can place a Geiger-Meuller tube next to it and confirm that the hands have been painted with radium.
I am here to melt your brains. [[SPOILER]]
I'm trying really hard not to make a Limp Bizkit joke in here, so instead what you get is my statement about trying not to make a Limp Bizkit joke.
I aim to hunger.
I'd be surprised if the phrase wasn't older, or at least derivative of an older expression, than the midwest. Especially if one were to substitute in "sopping" or "dripping" for "soaking."
Usually when the phrase "soaking wet" is added it is meant to imply that the person being referred to is very skinny. So then, even when you soak them and their clothes to the bone - adding as much weight as possible to them - they are still very slight.
Don't bring out the cake just yet. This will be the second year in a row my head pops up about this time. Only time will tell if it stays that way. For the moment though...
Here. There. Up. Down. In. Out. All around. I poked my head up out of my self-imposed finish-your-damn-doctorate exile to find out what frankenstitching was after stitchy messaged me on LinkedIn while I was looking for boots. Been lurking about for the last week or so.
I didn't know G&G made a souble monk.
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