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I've seen that green with blue overcheck on several occasions. It seems to be rather popular. I would say it and the top right are my favorites of the bunch.
Kent's shoes are made by D. C. Lewin, a shoe company started here on SF which has built a decent reputation. I keep meaning to buy some of their shoes.
^ This. I can't stand a cigar that's gone out and has to be relit.
That's the thing. I get a sense of depth from it that makes me think it's the weave which creates the appearance rather than any particular pattern woven on it. After checking back I think it looks less like an end on end than a royal oxford - both of which can be plenty formal as fabrics go.Noodles, what's the shirt actually like?
SVB, there are very few here who will be able to appreciate and love that tie. There are very few that will accept the context for this long lived look, regarless of its place in the sartorial history.I however, am one of them.
Is that an end-on-end cloth? Do you see end on end as being somehow casual?
Lots of good stuff in there, some of it from me.
It's a polarizing fabric. It is also totally boss to handle in person and the red comes off very well.
Have you posted this question in the unfunded liabilities thread yet? That's really the place to get an answer.
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