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That's why I have them do my taxes and babysit my kids.
That was an amazing book.Also, I hate you all. There is just not enough reason to own an overcoat in Texas.
I believe @dieworkwear made the observation: "Excuse me miss, may I see your dark and elegant denims?" More personally, while I fully accept that a mixing of formalities occurs - and that such a thing has become pretty common - black derbies seems like anachronism. I suppose I can see something sleek like a well styled one or two eyelet derby fitting the bill of appropriateness, but most examples not so much.
They help make the shoes better.
Sure man, next time you're here or I'm in B-more, we can totally get our grub on.
I don't believe you of all people miss such details. In fact, I'm pretty positive you could - if you wanted to - be pretty merciless about such things. I think though that your metric is more evenly balanced allowing you to accept it, rock it, and not fret all the little stuff no one but the iGentry are going to be overly worried about. In fact, I'm pretty positive that when wearing it you'd enjoy the implicit snarl that you would would induce in .
And I get that not everyone wants to take that level of care in picking things. My guess is that for OP both are probably good - and depending upon some other factors maybe even great - calls. If I were to keep something like that, I think the rust trousers add a nice hue to what is probably a pretty standard cream/dark brown shepherd's check. I think that a white shirt is a bit stark with regards to both the contrast and the formality, though almost gets the feel right....
I agree about the 42R, but I disagree about the two Eidos pieces. The jacket falls okay but has no shape - the chest is too full and simply makes the guy look like he lost just enough weight. The blobbiness around the middle can probably (and only to a certain extent) be dealt with by a good alterations tailor, but nothing is going to help the chest look as if it was made for anything other than a mannequin.
Unless there's a secret location in Florence set up by Gennaro as a sleeper cell - all the time practicing, practicing - set to come out of the wood work just in case things ever start to slip at London House.
New Posts  All Forums: