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Not at all. Well, I'm sure that if you're wearing shitty boots it can be uncomfortable, but this is true of wearing shitty shoes in general.
I'm hip on where the trends are going. Pretty soon you'll see everyone wearing single breasted one button suits with no pockets.
I'm just rambling. Don't mind me.
Some of it is artistic license and hyperbole, but I think the statement captures the essence of what I want to say.
While I don't care about reposting the images, it bears noting that part of the reason for doing this experiment was to do a personal check, and I'd imagine that the results which come out are very much mine. The collars could also look better, but they capture the basic idea. I have a pretty square jaw - something I'd personally never realized - and doing things this way let me cut out a bunch of extraneous stuff. In the thread, the spoiler contains a description for how...
I don't recall that I was wearing the suit when the measurements for the shirts were taken. I don't recall the distance between the top of my head and neck being measured. I say that it roughly divides things though because I can open the images in GIMP and tell you the average number of pixels between things.I definitely find them pleasing. I certainly enjoy just how sharp everything is. There's definitely shape and curve to both the jacket and the collar, but even these...
The other symmetry I really like about the collars is that the vertical distance between the top of the collar and where the points meet the lapel is (virtually) the same as the distance between the top of the collar and the edge of my chin. A similar thing goes for the distance between the top of the collar and the buttoning point and the distance between the top of the collar and the top of my head.
Ah. Yeah, that's pretty consistent across the shirts. I would not put it past the man.
Maybe? I'm not totally sure which features of which pictures to which you are referring. Chances are that if you are referring to something in the bottom two pictures: Yes, it's likely deliberate, but not by my hand. If it's something involving the top, the answer is probably no.
This does not surprise me.
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