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Bootcut remains an abomination.Really. Where?
It does not guarantee one a spot though.
Why not? By doing an odd jacket with jeans you''ve already broken with the workwear/menswear separation. Still, I don't see why this break requires an abandonment of objects from the ensemble, so long as the composition stays together. I'd be fine with a knit, but especially given the other aspects here - club jacket, jeans, and earthy sweater - all being things with some mass and sort of work horse pieces, I don't see why a solid wool crepe tie like vanda's ultimate navy...
Interesting. The tie is what keeps it together for me. [[SPOILER]]
I'm curious: why do you like that one, but not (what I think is) Mark from The Armory's gun club with brown sweater and navy tie?
Always enjoy the knowledge bombs, DW.
Interesting. Any particular reason?
^This. Howl is not banned outright, but it is - to my knowledge - still challenged in school libraries and what not. There are blogposts recommending it as a good read for banned books week. I was sacrificing accuracy for expediency.
I've had a crush on Voss since she was 16.
Orange is the new black is phenomenal.
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