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I'm also looking after a proxy service, but specifically I need something that will do in store purchases (in Tokyo). This puts sutoCorp and fromJapan out.
No worries. Those shoes are so aggressive they scare all germs away.
Like anybody who has thus far made reference to the post can call me nerd.
Averaged over the year, that still isn't much.
I envy that you have gotten to see the fabric wall.
2014 I think my primary insight of 2014 was that I still don't have much to actually say on the subject of clothing. I am going to continue to pursue those pieces that interest me, but that's not really an insight. I've really enjoyed learning more about the history of tailored clothing and different ways that things can be presented. I suppose it's an insight that advertisement has stopped grabbing me - there is often hype around different makers/vendors/etc with much of...
Does it have to be a houndstooth? What is your gun club game like?
I'd say this shows you guys to not be married, but I have married friends who would do this.
Put them in a dystopian allegory?
Everyone needs a pair of those in black for formal occasions.
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