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My favourite is a Thomas Mason 140/2 royal twill I had made by Hamilton. The internet would have me believe that it's from the goldline, which seems plausible. I would provide a picture, but it is currently unpressed and my office is poorly lit.I think it is a wonderful alternative to oxford blue in pairing with sand/beige/light brown cotton trousers for summer. A personal favourite is the above shirt with a pair of ivory cotton trousers from Canali, and an unstructured...
I'm a big proponent of lavender and the like. Also ecru. I'm almost with Greg on shirts. A couple of years ago I bought some madras fabric to have made into casual summer shirts. It turns out that I bought enough of my two different fabrics to have two shirts made, so, obviously, I got two identical shirts of each of the different madras.
I so very hope no one has posted this yet. I smell the next iGent trend.
What about Mr. Big?
My amount of free time to lurk the forums, among other things. I assume things have remained copacetic around here?
Spoo has his own whiskey now?
My wife caught me being a walking No Man ad recently.
I'm not going to, but I needed a good segue into it.
Let's get the old band back together. Also, that's Dr. Tits now (hence my ability to return).
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