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I just received one of these: In a Size L, anyone got an XL they'd like to swap? It's a tad snug for me with a thick t-shirt underneath and I'd like the extra room, but if not I'm keeping it.
Top tip: Don't go clubbing in Australia. It's pretty much all toolbag hangouts :P Anyone having orders taking forever to load tracking info? Placed an order 4 days ago and still only 'shipping label created' :S
What's a send sale? I've given a few RL stores in the US (as well as other stores) my number over the phone with no problems whatsoever; and I'm in Australia!
What size did you get and what was the pit-to-pit? I usually go with an L for the workshirts but I've seem them run with a 22" pit-to-pit before instead of the usual 23-24...Anyone got the Buffalo double-faced western?
For Sale: BRAND NEW RRL Workshirt Bought this thinking I'd lose enough weight to fit into it but now it's got to go! Double faced 100% cotton shirt, heavy enough to skip an undershirt or to use as a very light jacket. Red, cream and blue plaid outer facing with a blue, green and cream inner facing. Long sleeves with two flapped patch pockets at the chest, triple stitched seams and all the typical details you expect from RRL. Exceptionally well made. Asking $150 +...
I just saw The Expendables 3, there seemed like *alot* of RRL used. Nice to see some old-fashioned action characters in the stuff!
I'd like to add myself on, tentatively, pending pricing (incl. shipping to Perth, PayPal etc) & delivery time info. I'd be in for a U-last wholecut in bordeaux with double to single tapering soles OR Model 71 (Old English on U-Last in black) Thanks
Yep, Unipair stocks a similar model, a french oxford (not sure that's the correct term, but the line that would normally come down around the waist and end just before the heel goes all the way round to the back). What I'm suggesting is a traditional cap oxford. I've enquired at GF. I was hoping to go through Skoak as they've been so conducive to MTOs, particularly on price & service to Australia.
You'd think so, right? On their website there's actually no simple, un-punched captoe on the Rain or Simpson lasts. I was thinking perhaps there might be interest in a plain captoe with single leather soles, but if possible with a slightly higher, G&G-inspired heel.I know Skoak has a rubber soled variant, but not everyone needs a rubber sole. Particularly when you're in Australia and it hardly rains...
Probably should search this but... Been outta the game for quite a while, just checking to see if there's interest for an MTO captoe oxford from Carmina? Perhaps a simple black with leather soles on the Rain last or something in burgundy-ish on the Simpson? What's the whole process for group MTO's here?
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