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Price Cut!!!
Easter Sale!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by HarryFlashman Be sure to get an automatic of some type. Sinn is a great company, which makes a great watch... Sinn 556 or 656 http://www.sinnwatch.com/ 556 656 +1
Lots of New Items ADDED!!!
further reductions!!!
20% off!!!
10% off!!!
PM if interested SPECIAL A - All 3 Jeans for $55 + s/h 1. Levi's Premium Lizzy Slim Straight Leg Jeans Dark Indigo 30x29 UNWORN - $50 now $35 + s/h 2. GAP Slim Fit Jeans 32x30 Lightly Used - $30 now $20 + s/h 3. Hurley Slim Fit Jeans Size 32 UNWORN - $40 now $25 + s/h SPECIAL B - Both American Apparel Items for $25 + s/h 4. American Apparel Black/Silver Nylon Backpack - $30 now $17 + s/h 5. American Apparel White Poplin Wallet UNUSED - $9 SPECIAL C - Both Versace...
Quote: Originally Posted by poly800rock There is very little about either of the common projects wallets that scream manhood. CP wallets don't have zippers. It's the zippers on the outside of the smaller CDG wallet that make it look feminine.
Quote: Originally Posted by poly800rock just get a cdg and you'll be satisfied. simple and steezy and cheaper. how can you guys carry these around they look so much like a lady's wallet!?!
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