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Anybody know if the RRL stuff will be discounted any further on their website?
thanks the wolverines look really cool gonna check them out.
How good are they? (I know this question belongs somewhere else but I don't care. Nobody read the subforums so I'm asking here.)
i don't really care where it belongs. just answer the question to the best of your ability.
What's better? RRL denim or the denim they sell at Self Edge like Iron Heart, Flat Head and others? They both seem similar in quality when I briefly viewed them...
What's the hotness in belts? Looking for a natural/raw one (maybe) or a black. Sub $ 50? Tanner Goods +1
there's a ton of em out there. they're all pretty similar. check out tanner, rag and bone, iron heart.
this looks freaking amazing. i want one so bad. really like front pocket wallets tho. they don't hurt your butt.
I'm considering getting an Iron Heart or Wild Child. My problem is that I really like the look of the big wallets but the smaller front pocket ones are much more practical.
what shirt is birdman wearing? looks like flathead...  
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