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Dear Uniqlo, I am writing you to explain why you are losing me as a customer. I have never spent money at your store before. I ordered some tshirts from you for the first time after hearing praise about you from various sources. And then you send me an email claiming that my order is delayed because of a "hurricane". If you do not have my order in stock or simply do not like me as a customer please be straightforward with me instead of making up stories about natural...
Timefactors Smiths Military - $500 Sinn 556A - $1000 Stowa Flieger - $800 Archimede - $500 Also, check out the Sinn 856
looks like all their shit is sold out
found naked picture...
i really like Paul Smith card case i just bought. quality is top notch and style is a little quirky. also check out iron heart, kawatako and makr.
hey kiya. i'm interested in how the jeans the girl is wearing alter the natural shape of her legs. could you take a picture of her without the jeans on? thanks.
tuffy mcpuggles
you don't get it. barneys isn't only serving you. there's little demand for outrageous clothes in LA. if they sell lots of crazy shit there they will fail.
LA isn't new york. LA fashion is more conservative. live with it.
is anybody familiar with Brioni's leather goods? I'm looking for a card holder/front pocket wallet but don't really trust the luxury brands that much? What else is good other than Bottega Veneta?
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