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Dior Homme by Christian Dior Sunglasses in Mint Condition. Comes with box. Asking $80 obo.
Enfants Riches Deprimes Hat. NEW and unworn. White hat with black stitching. Fits (almost) all head sizes.
NEUW Jeans Black Iggy Skinny. 71% Cotton. 29% Polyester. Like Neuw Condition . Only wore it once. Size W36 L32.
The wrinkling is not the style it just needs to be ironed. Used but in excellent condition. No flaws as far as I can see. Size large. 100% Cotton. Made in Italy. Asking $100 obo.
oh ok thanks
does anybody know if there's an achilles and achilles original? are they the same thing or different? if they're different, what's the difference?
first time uniqlo buyer. really not impressed with the tshirts i got. american apparel is much better imo. but 3 times the price of course. maybe i should try some other products??? feel like i'm getting too old for AA...
just got my everlane tees. they're amazing. fit and feel is great. will be ordering more soon i think.
Dear Uniqlo, I am writing you to explain why you are losing me as a customer. I have never spent money at your store before. I ordered some tshirts from you for the first time after hearing praise about you from various sources. And then you send me an email claiming that my order is delayed because of a "hurricane". If you do not have my order in stock or simply do not like me as a customer please be straightforward with me instead of making up stories about natural...
Timefactors Smiths Military - $500 http://www.timefactors.com/ Sinn 556A - $1000 http://www.watchbuys.com/ Stowa Flieger - $800 http://www.stowa.de/ Archimede - $500 http://www.archimede-watches.com/ Also, check out the Sinn 856
New Posts  All Forums: