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dude we get it, you work for Wunder Leathers.
Hey Kiya. Nice looking pins. This is a shot in the dark but do you know of any cool, high quality iphone 6 cases? A case by somebody like Iron Heart would be dope. Thanks.
anybody know when Mr. Porter sale starts?
my right shoe tree fits fine but the left one feels too big. i don't know how this is possible since they should be the same size. i would say don't worry about it too much. shoe trees should be snug because they give support to the top leather of the shoe. also, the little bit it might be widening the shoe is better than leaving your shoe without a shoe tree. so pros outweigh the cons.
I'm in Southern California
Park Ave
need a suit for upcoming wedding of a friend. anybody got any suggestions? i have no idea what i'm doing. looking to spend around $1k. willing to go up to around $2k if needed. been looking mostly at z zegna and armani collezioni. would appreciate any help.
Hi kiya. I was wondering what you thought of shoe trees. Do you use them on your dress shoes? I ask because you are the leather expert. Thanks.
when is Mr. Porter's next sale?
Hi Kiya. What do you recommend for me? In the past I've most liked my Neuw Iggy Skinny and Nudie Thin Finn. My size is 36Wx32L and I prefer raw denim. Also, it gets pretty hot where I live so I think the thicker stuff is probably not good for me. Thanks.
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