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Are there any places in Phoenix that do carry it?
I am going to be in Phoenix in a couple weeks and I am wondering if the RL store at the Biltmore Fashion Park has much in the way of RRL? There is none around where I live and would like to see if there is anything available that might catch my eye.
REAMDE by Neal Stephenson.
I had not bought anything in a long time so I went a little crazy by my standards. The champagne was a bit of a splurge. My apologies for the blur.
Snow Crash and Cryptomicon were both great. I have never read Diamond Age though.
I made one for my mother in law a few weeks ago and that is now what she asks for whenever she comes over. It's a great summer drink.
My new Alden saddles
I am currently reading a collection of essays by George Orwell.
I have this same boot. It gets a lot of wear.
I am in Chicago in the first week of August. Are there any stores that I should stop into for a peak?
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