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Quote: Originally Posted by MattMaggy I love my lavender shirt with my three piece olive suit and cordovan shoes, but I work in a bank and I'm not sure if this is acceptable. What do you think? I'm a teller but plan on moving up soon. Everything is OK for business depending on which side you stand.\\ If you are the boss, then it is OK. If you are not the boss, then it is not OK. Bottom line is if you are the one making the...
Quote: Originally Posted by cbbuff Great stuff and great prices from a great seller. Bump it up. What about you actually buy it up rather than bump it up.
I can't really tell if they are fake just looking at the pictures. I hope someone else can, you have a lot of specialists on here they will surely soon come to your rescue.
Quote: Originally Posted by videocrew Christmas in the late 80's. You very well dress for a guy in the 80's.
Quote: Originally Posted by rlschwart I have four Loro Piana Roadster Sweaters for sale. All of them are half-zip and 100% cashmere. Each is a vibrant color and incredibly soft. Price is $475 plus shipping. [I Is that price for all four?
Quote: Originally Posted by Roger Everett It might be added that some people think having a beard is less touble Well :- you can shave every day in 5 min. -- OR -- shave neck and cheeks in 5 mn. every 2 days then spend half hour or more once a week trimming ( generally more ) Roger That seems like a lot of work to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal_1 Kudos, I think these looks awesome. That is the kind of look I need to have. But the thing is that doesn't look cheap and I am not rich either.
Very nice shoes. I wished I could afford them. Please next time get a little bit cheaper ones for the poor. Thank you
Quote: Originally Posted by ZON_JR Looks like another blog to me. Well it is a blog. Nobody said it wasn't. But the content looks OK. Thanks for sharing.
Quote: Originally Posted by onix Holy... Are they made from glass? No they are made from gold.
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