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I've only worn it twice, and I really don't want to sell it. I need the money badly, though. If you need more pictures, e-mail me at I am PayPal ready at the same e-mail address. $85 shipped or best offer. I purchased this top from the MMM e-boutique. My ebay ID is lawinnn if you want a few references, as I don't have much selling experience on this forum. The top is dark blue throughout and the upper chest area is an even darker blue. It's...
They do look similar Lanvins which is a style I'm going for in a casual/dressy sneaker and the price on Alessandrini sneakers on Yoox is very tempting. Any idea on quality and comfort? Thank you!
Common Projects don't come in half sizes? I usually wear a U.S 11.5... I guess size 11 for me then?
Thanks, guys! Around $200 is the most I'm willing to spend, so those CP's are my thing. Those tournaments look great.
I'm just looking for a high-quality, nice looking sneaker for weekend night outings with family and friends. I'm looking at CP for this and was wondering how comfortable they were. Are the running versions still available? I'm also looking for a cool alternative to the Chuck Taylor. Something for short errands and downtime around the house. Are Supergas sneakers a little more comfortable than Chucks? Of course, I can throw on some beater Nike's and call it a day,...
Hi! I'm new at this raw denim thing and so I thought a one-wash would be my safest bet. I'm looking at the 811BG One-Wash 36" Inseam on the Blue in Green online shop. My waist size is a true 30" and I'm definitely not looking for a skinny fit. Just a regular fit is good, as vague as that is. I'm 5"8 and about 138lbs. Am I getting the right size inseam? There are inseams that are also in 33" and 39"; I am very lost! Am I supposed to wash these? If so, how? I...
Victoria's Secret.
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