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Pink slime avec fromage?
Coming from a sprezzy dresser like you, that helps lower the picnic level a few baskets.Hey Noodz, when u coming to Btown? Wanna take in a few museums, maybe go shopping for a new Chanel bag for the missus? Let me know, brah.
Yes, sleeve tapering sounds like a good idea. I have fairly well-proportioned upper arms but my forearms & wrists are on the slender side.
Actually, the longer jacket doesn't really bother me; I kind of like the lines and the little extra "swoop" of the quarters. It's more the shorter jackets that concern me: are they too short? I am obsessive by nature, but when I look at these 2 jackets they appear short to me. Am I overreacting (having a picnic attack)?Btw, the gun check is fantastic; the cliche "pictures don't do it justice" definitely applies here. It's way better than I imagined based on photos of...
Good eye. Yes, it is longer.
I feel a possible picnic attack coming on; please help me off the ledge if you can. Behold, some quick, crappy shots of my 3 beautiful new Formosa SC's (pardon the rolled up sleeves, didn't want sleeve length to distract). Tell me your impressions re. fit, for each.
I like to do things in threes.Actually I must amend an earlier assertion that Foxy is a 3 roll 2.5. On the hanger it def. appears that way, but when I put it on, not really. Still, roll is noticeably higher than the other 2 SC's.
Awesome as stichie's fit is, the one nit I'd pick is tie/knot seems a bit on the skimpy side. tchoy gets it just right here IMO.Edit: comparing two fits again I'm not sure if tchoy's shirt collar spread is also contributing to the differences I'm seeing between the 2 fits.
Haha, yeah those 2 consecutive posts were a bit incongruous, right? You'll be the first person I call if I need to bail on any of these beauties. Hmm, maybe I got a one off. No question it's a 3 roll 2.5; the button hole is well under the lapel (my photos suck, but you can see how high the lapel rolls as compared to the other two), and the button side lapel rolls up above the 2nd button, almost to the top button. Noticeably different from the others.
New Posts  All Forums: