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I saw sport coat and thought, yeah, I could do that, but then I saw the trews description at bottom, and then scrolled back up to the top where the lead-in says spring / summer suits. So then it is a SC?
The plaid is very nice (I'm assuming "sport coat" is a typo). Hey, is there some unwritten Neapolitan rule whereby it's forbidden to combine the cadente morbida shoulder w/ patch pockets? (oh noooz...!!) What's the possible downside? I emailed Greg earlier today about a possible makeup w/ this combo. Why consider it? I liked the way the morbida shoulder looked when I tried a suit on for MTO SC order, but I also want the flexibility of the blazersuit (and I like the idea...
Shoulder also a bit extended, and long in body and sleeves, which goes w/o saying. I don't feel I'm swimming in it by any means, but I was somewhat surprised by how little difference the addition of SC seemed to make in regards to filling it out. I think I might do better with a 50, but no more 50 in navy basket weave. That leaves gray donegal, camel DB casentino or brown h-bone. Hmmm...Had originally considered gray donegal, but was concerned it wouldn't work with...
Self-gifting, or spreading the cheer?
Any more feedback on LBM fit? @gdl203 @conceptual 4est @unbelragazzo?
LBM navy basket weave, sz 52. Wondering if I should try 50?1) Shirt only. 2) Over SC. 3) Over heavier sweater-jac. (pardon the funky pants in 1st few pics; got hung up on boots. oh, and awful photos too.) [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
Don't you mean the Trotter did?
Woulda likely snatched that up if not for those B&D pocket zips. Doesn't quite fit my old-guy aesthetic, but for those young/edgy enough, it's a great mix of colors and fabrics.
Or schizophrenic. He may have to wrap his monitor in heavy canvas to keep you from peering in. Which I'm considering doing as well as I suspect you may be in league with Dark Forces conspiring to bring about Sartorial Hell on Earth.
New Posts  All Forums: