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^ Agree about Margiela coat. Reminds me of something that would have been picked over in the final discount bin at the old Filene's Basement (there's a reason most of that stuff ended up there). Being a Red Sox fan, I can't help but agree with you on Yankees gear . To my mind, it is maybe just a notch up from wearing Harvard shite (if you didn't attend Harvard, wtf are you doing wearing it, if you did/do, wtf are you doing wearing it?) I'll grant you the NY logo is a...
There are a number of MC nitpicks to be made here: collar points, slim lapels, short jacket length; but being as this isn't MC, and the fact that it's a Margiela suit, these points may not be particularly relevant. It's a fashion-forward, non-CBD look, and within that context it looks pretty good. The one element I would consider changing is the tie, which has a more or less CBD (neat) feel to it. Perhaps a narrow black or navy knit or solid silk twill might be more in...
Same here. Hand washed and pressed. Zero shrinkage, zero buttons broken.
I think I'm too old and maybe a little too stupid to comprehend this, but it has a nice flow.
Sorry, they're not.
In the first pic, tie and pants look sufficiently differentiated to my eye. And the close up appears to show a fair amount of red in the square, so I have no problem there. Love it.
^ not feeling the square, jk.
How fitting; for you, it's Mr. Casual.
I think knowing the full extent of SS's situation sheds a different light on things, but as he himself indicated, he would not be pursuing this avenue at all if he had any other options, which he apparently does not. Since full disclosure was not made until after several initial posts, I don't think there was any real denigrating going on here (at least not on my part, I was more trying to dissuade him from throwing good money after bad).That said, I would agree with your...
The quarters are too closed and the shoulder does not fall cleanly for starters (divot). Trying to lengthen it seems a dodgy proposition, and moving the buttoning point even more so. In fact, if the latter is even doable, I would think it something only the most skilled tailor would be capable of and likely at considerable cost. Since you're starting with a jacket that is not altogether flattering or exceptional in other ways, I wouldn't see the point in investing...
New Posts  All Forums: