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Just want to put it out there that I'm definitely not interested in sizing rec's on the Oliver Spencer Arrow quilted jersey zip jacket, along with a general sense of body and sleeve length, in case anyone was thinking of providing that information. Unless of course there's someone out there who's actually interested in this piece (but again, that person would most assuredly not be me).
Hey Duck. Appear to be a true 34" waist. You and me both (sorry). Cheers.
Typically a big fan of your fits, but too many disparate elements to process here.Really great.
Purchased this season from NMWA, no longer available. Great casual piece blended with classic menswear details like chest and hacking pockets, and working cuffs. Worn briefly 2x, so in excellent to new condition. As displayed on NMWA: http://cdn.styleforum.net/7/7c/900x900px-LL-7cf7d1ae_tssjac007_1.jpeg Shipping included, CONUS
Was hoping this would be my go-to winter coat, but sleeves are just too long. Purchased this season from NMWA, where it sold out, worn 1x so essentially new. Great looking fabric, some cool details like oversized hood with light wire rim for custom shaping, nylon gussets under arms for ventilation. Fits slim, so XL is more like L.My limited experience suggests it's quite toasty, which is also confirmed by forum member in stitches, as seen here (thanks, stitchy):...
Too short for Noods I'm afraid. Not only that, but too small all around I think, as I just realized I had erroneously listed this as a 50, and it's actually a 48 (I had tried on both sizes initially for fit, and forgot I had gone with the 48). Derp.
New and unworn, purchased from NMWA (and no longer available in this size), here is yet another tale of sizing woe from my personal collection. Really cool kicks in a beige cotton canvas with natural suede toe. Comes with original box and both pairs of laces (cotton and rawhide). Great looking sneaks, wish they fit. Here's the deets from NMWA: http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/footwear/sneakers/tanino-high-sneaker-beige-canvas-and-natural-suede-cap.html Shipping...
Sadly, due to fitment issues, I must part with this much vaunted Formosa Fox Brothers GMTO SC. New and unworn, it's made up in a very tasty and toasty char blue 17/18oz herringbone Fox Brothers flannel. I waited months for this bad boy, but you can have it in days. Lucky you, sad me. Tagged a 48 C (short) measurements to follow. Details (and much better photos) from NMWA:...
NWT, purchased from NMWA. No longer available, if you missed this in size 34, here's your chance. Classic, comfy grey cotton twill jeans in size 34. Sadly, another near miss in the fit dept. Details from NMWA: http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/clothing/trousers/charcoal-twill-five-pocket-jeans.html Shipping included to CONUS
Purchased form NMWA (no longer available in this size), sure wish these fit. NWT, forest green heavy cotton twill pants in size 50. Details from NMWA: http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/forest-green-heavy-cotton-twill-trousers.html Includes shipping CONUS.
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