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@AAS Fairly high degeee of difficulty pulled off exceptionally well. Great balance of colors and patterns.
Congrats & best wishes JCM. Hurry back, gonna miss the SF King of Comedy.
Any interest in pre-worn boxers? Have a few pairs nestled at the bottom of my hamper looking for a good home. All reasonable offers considered (no low-ballers pls).
You look bored, but I wouldn't say boring. Thumbed for looks, not look (cheer up mate!)
Agreed, and particularly on the P2 last which seems like a natural pairing. I have 2 such pairs now, a boot, and most recently the Alt Wien derby from our friends here which I think looks fantastic.
Not that you mention it...a white square would be just the thing.
Moscow looks great ^. I'm intrigued by the Scye motorcycle coat. Any chance one of the in-house rakes can post a fit pic? The shoulder measure seems a bit small, will there be room for a bulky sweater or sport coat (and is it one of those really high-cut armholes)? Any more info on fit would be most appreciated. I'm thinking this could provide a nice bridge between dress and casual wear.
@Mr. Six Digging the new, non-robotic pose. Keep up the good work!
It has been suggested on numerous occasions in the past, with ample tutorials provided, yet it continues. I don't think you're the one being rude.
Ha, I thought you were were referring to a figurative payoff, with stylish investment in hand. Looks like Six may beat you to the photo booth. Have had mine for over 3 weeks (first delivery worldwide?!), but in usual lackadaisical fashion I'm slow to the draw. (Way) above normal temps in the 70's this week do not provide added inspiration.Love the colorway on this.
New Posts  All Forums: