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Academician, save thyself.
But they do have a warmer, more saturated light blue as stated above.You just have to do a side by side comparison online. If I can find code/model #, I'll post it. Of course stock rotates in and out so no guarantee this shirt's in stock.Edit: I found the stock #'s on the shirts (one is a fine stripe and the other is the royal oxford blue: STOCK NUM. OC0300_23 and STOCK NUM. SD0030_21. I don't feel like researching which is which right now, but you can give it a try if...
Farm to table.Bicycle commuters and municipal bike rental/bike sharing programs ( in greater Boston, Hubway, where they actually take up quite a few rare and valuable parking spaces. I guess there's a subtle hint submerged somewhere in there. Cambridge, where pedestrians have always been of the annoying, entitled variety--read Harvard--now even more annoying as low-carbon footprint cyclists, who run red lights at will, but curse and give you the finger if you happen to be...
Yes. I actually returned one and exchanged it for a "darker" light blue, which I like. I too felt the really light blue was nearly white, depending on lighting, and wanted a "bluer" light blue. If you study the offerings closely you can detect the difference in hues. I found it helpful to open up the website twice, so I could do a side by side comparison of subtle variations in color like this. When done this way, the variations in tone and intensity become apparent.
Please to explain...(?)
Actually HC, I'm sensing a subtle shift towards acceptance of navy trews here. Have seen more fits lately employing them, often preceded by the same qualifier, which subsequently get a pretty good response, provided the fit is of a generally high calibre. Nice tie, btw.
Wish the orange tie appeared orange-er on my monitor. Thumb given nonetheless, as I like the fit and I like envisioning an orange-er orange (
Spoken like a true diplomat.
@braddock Once again, effortlessly elegant. ot- i love how you always manage to find those massive, architecturally impressive doors for a backdrop.
Bunch of dudes obsessed about their appearance and super-nerdy nuances of menswear, spending oodles of cash and time they may or may not have, possibly affecting work productivity, quality time spent with familly and friends, and other obligations, in unending pursuit of the elusive "optimal" wardrobe.Yep, sounds pretty harmless to me.
New Posts  All Forums: