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In the first pic, tie and pants look sufficiently differentiated to my eye. And the close up appears to show a fair amount of red in the square, so I have no problem there. Love it.
^ not feeling the square, jk.
How fitting; for you, it's Mr. Casual.
I think knowing the full extent of SS's situation sheds a different light on things, but as he himself indicated, he would not be pursuing this avenue at all if he had any other options, which he apparently does not. Since full disclosure was not made until after several initial posts, I don't think there was any real denigrating going on here (at least not on my part, I was more trying to dissuade him from throwing good money after bad).That said, I would agree with your...
The quarters are too closed and the shoulder does not fall cleanly for starters (divot). Trying to lengthen it seems a dodgy proposition, and moving the buttoning point even more so. In fact, if the latter is even doable, I would think it something only the most skilled tailor would be capable of and likely at considerable cost. Since you're starting with a jacket that is not altogether flattering or exceptional in other ways, I wouldn't see the point in investing...
I think the fit on the left would suit Iso nicely, and I would include the hairstyle here as well. Since he is already committed to a longish 'do, why not something with a little shape and style, rather than that plastered across the face thing he does that no one (at least not here) seems particularly fond of.
Wow, how does one go about securing a dinner reservation with willy cheesesteak?
Iso had a bit of a trial by fire in CM, but you guys are a little tougher. Ah, the cruelty of (relative) youth.
More deets/profile on newest NMWA mystery man willy cheesesteak, pls. Inquiring minds, etc.
Looking good Newc. #teamdrapershopsack
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