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I agree, toe box is much roomier in P2, as is the overall volume up front. If you are between 43 and 43.5 in F, I would go no higher than 43, and would even consider 42.5 if you have a low volume foot/ flat arches, as I do. I went down .5 size from F to P2, and still too much volume up front. I suspect P2 last is just not appropriate for my feet, though in fairness I've yet to try dropping down a full size.
Looks good stitch. I think yours wears smaller than mine--you got the XXL if I remember correctly? Have to roll my sleeves/arms too short also. Mine's a double roll though, so I may have someone screw with mine, just a little too bulbous with all that fabric rolled up.The ninja hood seems giant to me, though yours doesn't look out of scale here; you got a secret stitchy ninja hood roll? Am I over thinking things again//?
Guess I'm pretty well known 'round these parts for my Formosa histrionics.Was just throwing it out there, but sounds like you have a pretty specific idea of what works for you, notwithstanding my keen insight. Carry on then.
I have the same makeup as the scotch grain boot, in fact I based it on exactly this pair. Sadly, they've never fit right. Seems to be a recurrent theme with me.
Busted! Don't get me wrong I think it looks great too, I'm just looking at things a little, um, differently lately, and wondering if/when there are situations where more length might have an advantage (the inverse of my little scenario). Not even suggesting its something he should do, rather might this be something worth exploring.
Looking good. As a side note, of possible interest, I've been paying keen attention to jacket length lately, and while I find the length of your jacket absolutely acceptable and appropriate, I'm wondering if you wouldn't benefit from a little added length due to what would appear to be your rather long legs. Just a thought.
I think it's a class thing.
Hmm, Scottish Lowlands meets Italian-American tablecloth, I don't know AAS...
Looks good ryden. I'm curious how long the shirt is on you. I ran mine through a hot wash/ dry cycle to shrink but it still falls around my crotch, and I'm concerned it looks douchy when it hangs that low. To those who say just shorten it (talking to you @gdl203 , what about the bottom button? Casual shirt or no, isn't that gonna look dumb in a different way, to have an inch or two left between the bottom button and hem? Illustration hopefully to follow ( imac shit the...
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