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You look like a different person when you smile, like, literally. I believe you've indicated you're not much of a smiler, at least not for pics, but it makes a big difference to the upside IMO.
You are not the first to make this, or a similar, observation. Tibor, who likely has as much knowledge on hats and hatmaking as anyone on the forum, should probably include a disclaimer with every fit he posts with a link to past discussions, something along the lines of 'If you disagree with the proportions of my hat, please click here before commenting'.Though you had no way of knowing, it's an item that's essentially closed to debate, and not worth the effort.
I wouldn't think EliodA 's that shallow; my guess he's referring to a lack of spiritual (and possibly sartorial) attraction. Plenty more fish in the sea, though.
Like everything about this but the unbuttoned collar. Not that I am against it per se, but there is something too deliberate looking in this case (counter-sprezz?). Perhaps it is also that the fit is a bit too formal for this kind of informality.
Nice batch. Need to get spandexter fit in (dupe CP).
Not a problem. I can see where a bit of snark might have been detected, though the thumb/smilie combo was intended to offset that.Good catch, Ac2, you obviously did your homework.
You are correct on all counts, sir. All in good fun.
Wow, now we're documenting what we wear to go pick up a loaf of bread? What's next, what I wore to get an oil change?For the record, I'm sure you were the most well turned-out gentleman in any aisle you happened to find yourself in.
Decent write-up, though I find it mildly curious that, of the sources you've listed, one of them is not NMWA, and yet...here you are!
@sugarbutch Nice palette and textures.
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