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Wouldn't the sleeves be shorter as well?
If you really want something and you're confident about fit and have the funds, then you go ahead and pull the trigger. If not, you waffle and drag your feet, and yeah, maybe you hope on some level the thing passes you by before you can commit. Then when it does, you feel regret, likely followed by some measure of relief.In my case, I had real fit concerns, so I was determined to let it pass. First deadline, pass. Reopened, second deadline, pass. Reopened again, then...pop...
I've heard this said and there's a certain amount of logic to it, but it hasn't been my experience.Perhaps this is my situation: my shoulders do pitch forward a bit and there is some rounding to my upper back. The constriction I typically feel in these cases is most notable at the front of my shoulders, above the pits. Thanks for this input, though I'm not quite sure how to address it (attempting to improve my posture would no doubt be a start; easier said than done).
Really like everything about this. Suede chelseas provide a nice pop, though I suspect they will not be to everyone's liking here.
This is exactly what concerns me: constriction at the armholes. I assume Bumfreezer is cut similarly? Any other NR wearers care to weigh in on this? Love the look of this jacket, and would be extremely useful in Boston, but I place comfort and freedom of movement at a premium.
I have some similar questions/concerns so am interested to hear response to above. My specific concern regarding fabric flexibility/movement stems from feeling restricted across the back and shoulders with some of the japanese (and italian) designers who are cutting very high, tight armholes these days. At 5' 7", going up a size is generally not an option, and I prefer a fairly trim, albeit non-confining, fit regardless. 38 Formosa for reference.(aside: at my height, not...
There appears to be a vestige of something poking up from behind your right shoulder. Initially I thought you had some seriously quirky issue with the jacket's shoulder (perhaps due in part to diminishing eyesight).
Funny, for some reason the pattern of the tie originally registered as red on my screen (and/or in my brain?), while the square was clearly orange. Reading your response, I went back and now the square appears clearly orange as well and therefore your choice makes more sense to me.I would never make that color misperception in real life, I wonder why it happens sometimes when I view my monitor (and it does happen occasionally, when I see one color, and everyone else sees...
Not feeling the love between the tie and the square, sb. In general would rather see ps paired up with a blue jacket, I think this would be quite nice.
Haha, wow, points for your doggedness! And apologies for being a slacker. Yes, I am still interested in selling as it doesn't fit me any better now than it did last year... Let me guess, you'd like measurements?
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