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A Moral Squirrel?
I recommend it. Not sure why no one's buying this, it's basic and versatile, with some visual interest in the stitching, but not so much that it's over the top. At the current price seems a no-brainer.
Howza Monitaly Riders coat fit? @in stitches? I'm guessing 38's gonna be too small, also guessing one would need to shorten sleeves from shoulder, due to straps.
Yep.Q: Would you buy a quilted jacket from this earnest looking, clean cut young man?A: Of course you would, don't be silly!
Outstanding, gents.
Wally, is that you?
Purdy sharp, Msquirl. Kinda kicking myself for not kopping that Inglese. I liked it when it first rolled out at NMWA, and I like it even more now.
Jesus, you're skeptical...
I concur. Tie and hank pop nicely against the soot, but the whole thing remains cohesive and balanced. Subtle handshake between shoos and tie erases any doubt of bawsman status.
Cool look Frank. How did you size it? I'm guessing that a one button cuff means cuff could be easily removed, sleeve shortened and cuff back on. Sound right?
New Posts  All Forums: