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Pretty much this. Pair of jeans, pair of kicks, a sweater, couple t-shirts, socks, undies, dopp kit, NYT bestseller. Boom, weekend.
Thanks for the suggestions. Yes a beige or off-white SC had occurred to me, and the Eidos one you mention looked particularly nice. Cannot picture the Alan See gun check, but also sounds like a good option (I assume it is light in tone). Alas, I am not currently in possession of any such, though I will apparently have a fair bit of time to cobble something together between now-and-whenever.Will be interested to see how the 1/2 sizing works, as the 50 has always required a...
Perhaps not winning the argument, but likely winning the style war.
The green blend Rota's look pretty cool, but I'm trying to figure what to pair them with. Given my somewhat limited SC rotation I'm thinking some variation of medium to not-quite navy blue, but wondering if that may be too low-contrast. How are other folks planning to incorporate these into the mix?
Useful info, thanks. I'm guessing the new baby calf is probably more relaxed fit right out of the box than veg tan.Sizewise I'm a 7E UK in EG 202--low instep, wide forefoot, narrow heel-- and I've tried both 39 and 40 Tanino's. The 39's a little snug up front, the 40, while generally comfy, has a little too much length-- noticable when flexing--and is a bit roomy around the heel; doesn't slip out, just aesthetically there's a pretty big gap back there. I'm guessing 39.5...
Yay for 1/2 size Buttero preorders! Interesting about them sharing the same sole as CP; like literally? Tried to fit CP's maybe 7-8 yrs ago and found them too narrow. These don't seem quite as narrow and also feel a bit longer than CP, though perhaps I am misremembering. With this style of sneaker I imagine sole shape fairly well dictates last shape as well, no? So that would not account for the difference.
What would be size equivalent in SS Brigade to GPS bubble cardigan in 4? Does it run long? Also, how's the bottle green rota match up with a not quite navy or med. blue SC? Enough contrast?
Anyone notice if their Lightning Bolt swim trunks have shrunk in the wash? Bought a pair last season, never worn and just now realize they're too big. Wondering if a trip through the washer/dryer might tighten 'em up.
Judging by a lack of response I will take this to mean No Special Order Pairs. Period.It's too bad, though I can appreciate your concerns regarding the purchase and storage of additional stock. And it appears there is no lack of buyers for the full sizes, so there you go.
What about pre-paying for a special order pair? I have pairs in both 39 and 40; the 39's a bit too snug all around and the 40's got a little too much length. 39.5 would hit the sweet spot for me and I'd be willing to pre-pay if I was able to see what the options were.
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