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Too good, jc. You are an impeccable stylist, on multiple levels.
Nice. I especially like the relaxed vibe of the kurta, but would be concerned about length in my case. If I may, could I inquire as to your height (I assume the junya's are also a bit relaxed in cut, so possibly hangin' low here)?Is the general preference for this shirt to be worn untucked?
Of course not. And jcm is right. Instead of coming off as edgy or ironic, the trainers are merely frumpy, especially when paired with the khaki-ish pants (more Best Buy than Pitti).
This doesn't look like something I'd want to have to cram into an overhead bin, or have other folks trying to push or pull to get their crap in or out.
I was just thinking the same thing. Perhaps time spent here is actually beginning to rub off a bit
Monday is A+; perfect use of square as a colorful accent that also ties everything together. Today's shirt/jacket combo's a bit muddy for my taste. Perhaps the contrast is greater than it appears in photo?
I must say I enjoy the unusual settings, wry observations and hilarious deadpan expressions offered up in signature Roycru posts. However, I too find the more recent "bizarre comments" schtick tiresome and repetitive. I prefer the old, "apolitical" Roycru, who was less judgemental, less predictable and more fun.
I concur, more or less. I am of the mind that there is always a better pairing with a jacket and tie than jeans. That said, this is about as good as it gets, and it's pretty damn good.
I believe it's been noted before, but an uncanny resemblance to Vox in physique and bearing (though Vox would surely have a crisper trouser crease )Ordinarily a fan of your fits, I think the tie and jacket are incongruent here (haven't checked, but forgive me if challenge is "incongruent tie and jacket pairings"). Nice jacket.Yes, not spoilering x 2 = doubly irritating, regardless of fit. Newbie forgiveness factor in play here, though would do well to figure it out. As to...
New Posts  All Forums: