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Ha, I thought you were were referring to a figurative payoff, with stylish investment in hand. Looks like Six may beat you to the photo booth. Have had mine for over 3 weeks (first delivery worldwide?!), but in usual lackadaisical fashion I'm slow to the draw. (Way) above normal temps in the 70's this week do not provide added inspiration.Love the colorway on this.
The houndstooth/gun check? Yup, very nice, I've yet to get mine tailored. Surprised not to have heard mention of it til now, or seen a fit. I expect you'll remedy the latter soon, in fine mcfox fashion?
Your pics are instructive, thanks. What size Formosa are you, vs the FL & HJ?
Eidos hunting jacket over SC? I know its on the casual side, but thought it might have crossover-ability. 48 too small over a 48 Formosa? Sleeve length seems on the short side (good for me), is that to compensate for slighter wider shoulder? Fit pics? edit: ^ pretty cool, Kyle, pretty cool.
Looks great FC. I forgot I had this one (too warm until very recently). Thanks for reminding me.
Square is Wang, tie is indeed Shibumi. I second the motion on your tie, Clags.
Recently. Feel the shantung. (tie looks a bit funky under the collar)
Must've missed that memo...
Now that is bizarre and kinda grotesque. Wonder what could possibly possess someone to do this? Is it akin to notches on a bedpost or a gun barrel: here's how many lobstahs I s(t/n)uffed? Regardless, not a good look (the cascasses I mean; you look just fine roycru ).
Will you be attempting to incorporate the latter into a fit? Wild or domestic? Will make the former seem tame by comparison.
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