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He'll be fine, he just needs to grab a little White House pussy to make things right.
Hard to be inspired to work together or unite behind POTUS who clearly wants nothing to do with you. If you voted for him, welcome to the party, voted against, go fuck yourself, loser. At least Obama and even GWB made an effort.
Anybody check out Thomas Friedman's column about the tweeter-in-chief last wed? Given the opportunity to extend an olive branch he'd rather burn it: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/18/opinion/retweeting-donald-trump.html?mabReward=CTM&recp=1&moduleDetail=recommendations-1&action=click&contentCollection=U.S.®ion=Footer&module=WhatsNext&version=WhatsNext&contentID=WhatsNext&src=recg&pgtype=article Apologies if this has been previously mentioned. And yes, totally pathetic...
How's the sizing on this? If I'm ( snug) 48 formosa, would I go with 38 or 40?
Would you believe me if I told you I'd intended to add "...or chukkas..." after the fact? Thumb re-confirmed, w/o reservations.
Square adds just the right dash of color without distracting from the overall monochromatic effect. Not as easy as it may appear.
Not generally a fan of jeans & SC as a rule, but not bad, not bad at all. What about the shooz? I'm picturing mid-brown suede chelseas for the win
5' 7" here, and I got the Bumfreezer in M (M in PF shirts, 38 Formosa). It's definitely on the snug side, but not uncomfortably so. A light sweater or sweatshirt works, but not heavy layering. I traded a little extra length for a bit of snugness (in fairness I never tried the L, but the sleeves on the M are already long enough that I have to cuff them slightly. Short arms.)
And I in turn appreciate your well-reasoned response. Cheers.
Yes, as I wrote dichotomy I felt somehow there was a better descriptor. I'll go with irony. .
New Posts  All Forums: