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We rock Btw, looking forward to FF; crispy nites and morns up here lately. Relatively cool summer.
I grabbed one of the confetti ties as well (green). I quite like it, SF approval be damned
To anyone who has both suede and canvas Buttero sneaks, notice any difference in how much they loosen up after repeated wears?
Liking the detailed camera work. Really captures the patterns and textures. Oh, and looks good overall too.
The first of the two seems somewhat troubling, taken out of context (not sure what the context could be, however). It strikes me as odd and unfunny regardless, aside from any considerations of PC sensitive male-ness. The second is standard Noodles.
He's doing 15-20 for serial Super-Sizing.
Actually, Kyle said his shrunk noticeably. Not sure how his laundering methods might have differed from yours. He actually advised me not to size down due to shrinkage. I've yet to wash or wear mine. YMMV.
Black line:http://styleforum-testing.s3.amazonaws.com/3/3a/3ad05ba2_vbattach27538.jpg
I tried on NMWA, no response. Figure I'd try the Noodlers, who typically bend over backwards to help a brutha out. To whit: how wide, measured perpendicular, is the Formosa lapel? I know you know. You know you know. You know who you are.
New Posts  All Forums: