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Nice to see a few 3 piece suits in the mix. Well done gents!! I think you've well and truly shown that yellow ties can work. As with most things it's personal taste that determines whether or not you like them.
Hello Ladies and Gents Just wondering if any Aussie SF Members have used an Invisible Mender that they would recommend? Obviously I would like one in Australia as it would be easier to get the coat I want repaired to them, however if you have used one overseas that you'd recommend I'd be willing to send the coat overseas. Thanks and regards, Peter
Thanks! Where is it btw?
Thanks Journeyman. It probably will be expensive. I found a great 60's Anthony Squires 3 piece suit in a Salvo's op shop. The only issue is a small tear on the sleeve. Even if it costs a couple of Hundred to repair I will be way out front. I'd just like to find out if anyone has used a particular place that gave them good results.
Great blog Andrew. I really like it!!
Gents anyone out there know of any places that do great invisible mending? I'm happy to send the jacket I want mended anywhere in Australia to get a great job done. Maybe even overseas if I can be sure I'll get it back ok. Let me know who you'd recommend Cheers Peter.
Checking in from Australia for Team Furriner!!
Great bow tie!! Where did you get it?
Fey hey! Yes I look at those shoulders and think of vague unworldliness!!! Are you for real?
I hope you don't mind David, but I wanted to see the details of your suit so I brightened the photo:So are 3 button suits on their way back?
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