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I would like to see a better search function. The one now is almost useless. One that separates B&S from the regular posts would be a good start. This may also help with the post about too many noobs starting threads.
Quote: Originally Posted by motelhound I wonder how long they will keep doing the 270's? Can someone explain the 270s to me? I understand what they are, I just dont get the point.
Interesting (I think) story. I have an unlined gun club check Austin Reed sport coat that has been in my closet for a long time and was never worn. I picked it up at a clearance sale for next to nothing because I liked the pattern and the color. I picked it up from the tailor this week after deciding to have the waist taken in a bit. It has the stitching around the buttonholes that I always assumed was just cosmetic. After reading the thread about making your own...
I've seen several pairs of white suede wingtips that have caught my eye lately. They would look good. Saddle shoes are a great option, though. I hear you on the price, too. I am a big fan of saddles, but for the amount I wear them, Cole Haan is the right price/quality ratio for me. (I know thats considered blasphemy here)
Maybe I'm just old, but I can't stand to see a grown man walking around with his shirt untucked (unless it's a polo or t-shirt)
Quote: Originally Posted by Thorn Proof Give Me A F_____ Break. Norstroms? They have LOST THEIR WAY My Friend. Tommy Bahama South Coast Plaza Crapiolo. You gotta admit that Nordstrom South Coast is loaded with hot women, though. I love that place - especially at Christmas-time.
Quote: Originally Posted by musicguy Spectacular! But do you really leave it like that all the time? What about dust?
Quote: Originally Posted by Imhoff And occasionally I will swing by Dillard's at the end of season to snag some great deals, especially when they are trying to get rid of the winter line. I love the Dillards sales! Especially when they go extra 50% off already reduced items. I have several Hickey Freeman sport coats that I picked up for around $100. As far as the true outlet stores go, I think NMLC is the best. Seems to be primarily...
Quote: Originally Posted by JasonG83 Actually, the one I am interested in is fully canvased, and the normal price is $1300. Would a high end suit like that be part of the sale, and what are the chances of getting my size? Will they put it on hold for me if I go in prior to the sale? The sale starts Friday but if you go in today they will tell you if it's going on sale and how much. They will even hold it and mark it for alterations. You just...
Quote: Originally Posted by Marcus Brody This is what I wear. I've had a few pair (well one was the nearly identical Randolph Engineering branded model) and they've been great. I'm thinking of picking up another off ebay in a slightly smaller size. Are American Optical and Randolph Engineering the same company?
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