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Even if you are not a Nordstrom card holder, they will hold a pair for you if you give them a credit card. Then, they charge you on the 15th and you can pick them up.
This started today. Does anyone plan on checking it out? Would love to hear a report if anyone does. It will make it to me in a few weeks.
Quote: Originally Posted by emmanuel unless wearing black shoes Socks still match pants. That suit with black socks - only if you're over 70.
I like seersucker as much as the next guy (probably more) but not on shoes. Get some white bucks.
I have to smile because the best tailor I ever had was in Bakersfield. He was downtown ( the downtown bars then were Goose Looneys and the Alley Cat) - but I lived there in 92-93 and he was pretty old then. I am guessing that he is no longer with us (or at least retired.) I have been searching for a tailor as good as him since. Maybe someone took over his shop. If not, isn't the Patrick James store still on Ming? Stop in there and ask for a reco. Good luck. Go have lunch...
It's hard to say without seeing them on, but those are great glasses. I am a huge fan of IC Berlin. I left mine on a plane a few weeks ago and never got them back. So bummed.
Quote: Originally Posted by Getzione Santoni FAM chukkas for summer; I like the shoes, but I really like the jacket!
Are the REs made in the USA? I can't find the answer on their website.
I say Red
I'm sitting here watching the NBA draft and I can't help but look at the fit of everyone's shoulders, the width of their lapels, how their tie is tied, etc. I do it with the news or any other show where people are wearing suits. Anyone else?
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