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I stopped by Off 5th this afternoon for a quick look around. They were running an extra 50% off on all clearance items. Behind the shoes, there was a whole endcap of belts, hats, gloves, ties and other misc. so I went to dig through it. I was excited to find several very nice ties. I picked up 2 Kiton ties for $31.49 each! There was a Brunello Cucinelli that I didn't get . . . may have to make a trip back!
Over the years, I have picked up several JA pieces because I liked their style. I have been consistently disappointed with their quality. I'm talking really bad - lower than Target quality.
Absolutely! But I would stick to a plain white shirt, although some could pull off something more daring on top.
I was going to mention the height of the notch in the lapel, also. It doesn't look horrible but I have noticed on some of my suits that this has moved up over the years.
I like everything but the jeans - they look like really bad "dad" jeans, to me. Question on the pants - in many looks, they are showing cream or stone colored trousers, which I always consider summer colors. Do a lot of you wear lighter trousers in the winter?
I am also one who wears t-shirts all the time and started using grey recently. I will give another vote for H&M. I think 99% of their stuff is garbage but their grey v neck t- shirts at about $5 are great.
Man Of Lint gave you some excellent advice. The only other thing I would wear with that jacket is a big old smile, because it's sweet!
I stopped in my Costco today and checked this out. They had a huge area set up in the store. The prices are $699 for the "Basic" material choices and $899 for Super 150s. You get to pick from two cuts (Traditional or Modern) and then 2 or 3 button and pleated or plain front slacks. I think those were the only choices. I believe they were all side vented. I asked about any add-ons, such as functioning buttons on the cuffs and they didnt even know what I was talking...
How many points for using "pecunious?"I have really only seen this look with blue blazer/blue pants - and the people I have seen sporting this seem as if they could give a flying you-know-what. Black policeman-type shoes often accompany this look.
Quote: Originally Posted by ArliHawk` It's a tough call what is more unpleasant; slightly large v. slightly small. I almost think I'd rather have something slightly small. I have a question on this. My feet are two different sizes - they probably started out the same but my right foot has over 15 years of kicking a soccer ball and has been broken a couple times. I have very high arches to begin with, but my right foot is even higher...
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