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I shined my shoes tonight. So now all I have to do is not buy something for the next 25 days? I'm glad September is a 30 day month!
Only if you're Regis Philbin
I used to work in downtown Oakland and just about every morning I would see the pimps cruising around in their bright suits, hats, and shoes like that. They seriously looked like something out of a bad movie. What I could never figure out was what the heck they were doing at 7:00 am.
I'm a big fan of Dillards. They dont have the really high-end stuff, but some stores carry a decent selection and their sales are unbelievable. I have picked up several Hickey Freeman Sport Coats for around $200. They were running that same sale you mention a few weeks ago and I picked up two pairs of wool HSM trousers for $48.75. (started at $195 then 50% off and then another 50% off.)
Two excellent examples from Spoo - see how everything else is simple? Very nice, but simple. I think when you add spectators or anything else that draws attention, that's when you risk looking like a clown. The jacket is doing enough work there for everything else.
I dig that jacket - and I would wear it in a second. However, for me, when I have something like that on, I keep everything else very simple. For pants, I would wear tan or even navy blue. Personally, I would stick to a plain white shirt (maybe sky blue as MOL mentioned.) Finally, for shoes I would say bucks or plain brown oxfords.
Target did do a line with Liberty of London - either this Spring or last Spring ( can't remember.) They continue to do these special editions with designers - Isaac mizrahi, William Rast, etc. I think the ties were about $20 or so when they were in the stores.
Those shoes are sweet (both colors.) I would suggest looking on the Fine Pair of Shoes website. The Loakes seem to be nice and have a good variety. The downside is that you dont get to try them on. And if you really want to stick to under $200 - try Florsheim. If I am reading your signature correctly, you served our Country as a Marine in Iraq. If that is the case, Thank You.
Been thinking I need to get my spending under control. September seems like a good month to try. I'm in.
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