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+1I like the first tie better. Give the PS a better fold and I think you are good.
I guess it's SF groupthink, but this is a great example of how this forum helps people out. I was probably 75% "SF Approved" prior to finding the forum - meaning, I wasn't walking around looking like an idiot before I found SF. However, I had never heard of a Grenadine tie. I haven't purchased one yet, but am planning on it - something very useful that I have learned here. Now the knit ones with the flat bottoms? I still can't see myself wearing one of those.
Do you have a DSW near you? They carry Florsheim belts that are like $25 and I found one that matches my AE Walnut shoes very nicely.
This is another example of Television influencing designers, just as Mad Men helped influence the skinny tie/skinny lapel trend. This stuff is straight out of Boardwalk Empire (which starts again this month, by the way.) As others have stated, I really like some of it in moderation. I would wear just about any of the jackets, but a whole suit is a bit much.
I agree with what several others have said - if you dont like a thread, just move on. This is a pretty active forum and if a thread is left alone, it will get buried pretty fast. Replying to some of these wacky threads is what the OPs want. Stop taking the bait.
I'm in AZ, so we could really wear Summer clothes almost year round. At this point, though, my feeling is that the Seersucker has to be put away. Everything else is probably OK for another month or so.
Other than that it's really ugly?
I found another activity to occupy my time - purge! I pulled out two suits that I was keeping for sentimental reasons and I know I will never wear. They will be heading to the Goodwill this weekend.
The single-blade double edged safety razor sounds kind of cool, but I wouldnt know where to start. Does it work for someone with a heavy beard? As far as aftershave, I really like the American Crew Post-Shave Cooling Lotion. There isnt much of a scent so it doesn't clash with any cologne. I only wear cologne on the weekends and anything works over this.
I think it depends on where you are going. If you are set on a Navy blazer, I would say the jeans need to be faded a bit to give some contrast. The better option would be to wear nice dark jeans with a sport coat. I have several sport coats in greys, browns, or tans that have patterns and look great with jeans. In any case, I'm not a big fan of jeans in any color other than blue. If you want to wear lighter colors, just stick with trousers.
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