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NMLC is really making this hard. They have a two day 41% off any item that's only good today and tomorrow. Still holding strong, though!
Magnum PI is still my go-to Halloween Costume in a pinch. It always works.
I bought a pair a couple years ago but returned them because the legs were huge. I was impressed with the quality but the cut was not good. How is the fit on the new ones?
I don't know - look at his pants in that picture. Pretty nice break, if you ask me. Look how long the pants are on the two slobs in the first picture.
Charles Tyrwhitt
Still holding strong and already looking forward to October NPC!
[quote name="Saltricks" url="/t/266986/ yeh everytime i wear this flannel sportcoat someone always has to touch it and say "what is it? silk?" [/quote] Reminds me of the movie "Coming to America" - "This is beautiful, what is that, velvet?" I work with a bunch of guys with high incomes who are perfectly happy wearing Dockers and logo golf shirts every day. I do what I do but downplay it with the guys. I do, however, happily accept compliments from many of the females I...
+1Those are 3 great brands. I am a huge HF fan and am also proud to buy American-made. I say stick with those brands and try some new styles. If you haven't looked in a while, you'd be surprised at what is out there from those brands.
stubloom - so I just noticed your avatar picture. I have to tell you - I eat lunch at Corleone's fairly often. I have sat there and looked at your place many times and I had no idea what it was. I thought it was all auto-related stuff back there.
September 15 - to quote the famous poet Jon Bon Jovi "We're halfway there . . . livin' on a prayer" I am starting to feel a sense of accomplishment. I threw away the card from Last Call that was 35% off your entire purchase. MOL- did I read one of your earlier posts correctly - have you not purchased anything yet this year?
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