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Very nice! Tell me about the metal pieces on the outside corners - did you buy those or make them?
You are correct in that you wont find a lot of love for Steve Madden here. That being said, those aren't awful and would look fine with jeans. Another option is Mr. B's by Aldo. There is a thread on some different boots right now, but I think they have a chukka for $150. It looks pretty similar, but I'm guessing the construction is better. Another good option, IMO, would be Clarks Desert Boots in Beeswax.
I've seen the advertising for these and wondered about them myself. I think they are sold in Aldo stores - I may have to go check them out. I will be interested to hear from someone after they wear them.
I grew up in St. Louis - I dont think it's really a sartorial hotbed. You're probably better off in Boston.
I'm in again for October. I really felt a sense of accomplishment in September!
Tweed isnt out yet here - it's still close to 100 degrees.
I'm all for looking nice (obviously, or I wouldn't be on this forum) but no one should wear a SC to a baseball game.
Thanks. They are now in the "donate" pile. As part of my No Purchase Club activities for the month, I have been purging. I have a hard time getting rid of things, though.
I need a SF ruling here. I have had these shoes for a long time and rarely wear them. They are Ferragamos and are in great shape. Are these "square toed?"
I only wear Levis 501s and, IMO, a dark pair looks great with a SC.ddonicht - I agree with bourbonbasted that you should look at v neck t shirts.
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