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I have found two victims already this year - a merino wool v-neck and a cashmere sweater. Both in the same slide-out shelf in my haberdasher chest (that has glass doors). I'm afraid to look at everything else in there. I undertand that they get in the house - I have 2 kids and 2 dogs that go in and out all the time. What I can't figure out is - how do they navigate through our 4,000 square foot house and find the wool and cashmere?
It's that time of year again - the Christmas card photo. My wife wants to go with black so I am thinking about a white collared shirt, black wool v-neck, and jeans. But what shoes do you wear with that? I cant think of any black shoes that look good with jeans and brown won't work, will it?
Can you explain this a bit more? Because I can see that they are outdated, but I really can't figure out why.
Now that's funny! You didn't see anyone you know, did you?I recently bought my wife a Louis Vuitton handbag for her birthday. I have never had such great service carrying that bag around. Sometimes, I think about just taking the bag and empty box and bringing it with me to the mall.
They look a little long to me. Make sure you are wearing them at the tailor the same way you will actually wear them. Some people have a tendency to hike them up a bit at the tailor when they actually ride down a bit while you are wearing them. This could be a reason they aren't looking the way you want when you get home.
J Crew has them - have you tried their XL?
MOL - I appreciate what you do for the SF community. I will take with me the lessons learned from my successful participation in the September and October NPC. (I finally realized that I have enough pairs of grey pants). However, I cannot continue this journey through the prime holiday sale season. Godspeed.
I received the November edition of the Costco Connection in the mail today. There is an article about their new Italian ties. "Kirkland Signature Ties are made by the same artisans who make high-end European labels." It goes on to say they they are hand made it Italy by a "small group of women paying attention to every detail. The craft has been passed down from generation to generation. In an Italian tie, they don't use an iron to press it. It has rolled edges, no...
I want to thank the NPC. Yesterday, there was a Groupon for Bonobos - I think it was $55 for $110 of clothing. I was so close to buying it. Now . . . I have never purchased anything from Bonobos. Never even seriously contemplated it. But hey - it was a deal! This is what I do - buy stuff because it's a good deal. So I remembered that I had committed to the NPC and resisted. So, I'm still holding strong. No way I'm signing up for November, though.
Can't believe the month is more than halfway over! September was hard, but this month has been a breeze. For those who haven't joined but are thinking about it - give it a try. I'm amazed that I haven't spent a penny on clothes since the beginning of September. And guess what? I haven't had to go naked a single day. Turns out I have a lot of clothes already. You probably do, too. MOL - get well soon.
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