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I think it's a pretty good album. I think it's hysterical, though, that their one song that got played on the radio drops a prominent F-bomb in the chorus and had to be edited.
Lacoste In my experience, the collars on Burberry polos don't retain their shape.
Quote: Originally Posted by saiyar1 What I don't understand is why someone would want a watch that requires such expensive maintenance when it doesn't even keep better time than the much cheaper alternative... seems a bit silly to want it just to see a sweeping second hand. That's the only thing that would make the watch "nicer" or more "beautiful". To each his own though. This is kind of like asking why someone would spend so much...
This is my first post, but I will jump in here. I would advise you not to buy the Movado. I think you'll regret it. A couple other brands you may want to look at would be Oris and Baume & Mercier. Good luck.
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