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What's the real downside to having your shoes 1/2 size too big? I would guess that most of my shoes are. I like to have some wiggle room for my toes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Achilles_ Can't go wrong with navy/blue in linen. But even better might be something in medium/light brown. I prefer my SC's to have some sort of pattern so brownish with a windowpane pattern is perfect with grey or navy pants. Exactly what I would say! I have a medium brown sport coat with a small blue windowpane pattern that I wear year-round. I get more compliments on that jacket than all my others...
I am a huge fan of Birdwells. As others have mentioned, their website used to be a mess of colored text - they thought it was part of the charm. Late last year, there was some kind of family fight or power struggle that caused a disruption in the business. Looks like they are currently upgrading the website - give it some time. If you need them now - try to give them a call. These trunks are the best - hand made in Orange County, CA to your specifications for about 60 bucks.
I used to have a pair of these but donated them somewhere along the way. It does remind me though that somewhere in the back of my closet I have some AE blue/white spectator loafers. For my fellow AZ residents - anyone remember the AE outlet on Indian Bend? I miss that.
With shorts, maybe - but not to work unless you want to look like Michael Douglas in the movie "Falling Down"
Maybe I did something wrong ( not sure how) but I found that these shirts look like crap. Sure, they look better than a regular shirt out of the dryer, but far from a nice pressed shirt from the cleaners. I hate wrinkles and wound up ironing my "non-iron" shirts, so they wound up at the Goodwill.
Only if you're Deion Sanders
I will agree with the general consensus here. I think the sport coat is great and would add it to my rotation in a second. I would not, however, wear the hat with it .
Quote: Originally Posted by nmprisons This is going to be a great thread. Sunday is my polishing day and I will share some pictures and thoughts. Mine, too. For those of you currently neglecting your shoes, I highly recommend a Sunday night ritual of shoe shining. I learned this from my father. I am as busy as everyone else - with a job, a wife, and two kids. But on Sunday evening, with family and usually in front of the TV, I break out the...
Do you guys wear gingham year-round or only in the warm months?
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