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Quote: Originally Posted by patrick_b Other than the sole material, what's the difference between the two? I have the same question and can't seem to find a clear answer anywhere in the thread. Is the only difference between the DBs and Bushacres the sole? Anyone?
You're probably not going to get a lot of love for those shoes here, but I like them (a lot.) And if you got a great deal on them - nice job. I think they look great with khakis, jeans, or trousers. I wouldn't wear them with a suit - I am guessing that the grey pinstripe trousers are from a suit? I think the grey color is fine, but I would stick to similar color trousers with a dress shirt.
Is seersucker for daytime only? Or can one wear it out at night? I have heard conflicting opinions on this.
This is going to sound crazy . . . but if it was me, I would try a laundry marker in that color.
I am very surprised to so much representation from AZ here! Everyone I see under around 40 is wearing Affliction and everyone over 40 is wearing Tommy Bahama.
Heather grey, huh? I will go out and get some right away. I always wear a v-neck t-shirt under my dress shirts, but always go with white. Even though I'm in Arizona, I still need to wear an undershirt because I'm a sweater and it absorbs the layer of sweat and keeps me from pitting out.
Quote: Originally Posted by foodguy yeah, but imagine if you lived someplace like carlsbad. see? feel better now? What do you mean? The Carlsbad outlets are awesome. There's a Barneys outlet!
Quote: Originally Posted by timpdx (I am not that experienced in the pinch test, though) I can't properly execute the pinch test, either. They all feel canvassed to me. What's the trick?
The Khaki is a very nice watch. For some reason, though, the word Khaki on the dial bugs me. I can't get over it. My vote would be Viewmatic.
It would look great with the Aldo fashion loafers featured a few posts below it. That is a really bad website.
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