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First of all, Congratulations - on the promotion and the weight loss. You have found a forum here with a wealth of knowledge. Just spend some time reading posts and determining what you like. There are many threads that will be of assistance to you. Good luck!
The "bait sweater" idea is hysterical. I pulled out one of my favorite light wool sweaters this Spring and found several holes. Here is what I don't get. So the moth makes it into the house through an open door. How the heck does it find it's way through the house and into the closet where it decides to ruin my sweater?
I'm scheduled to be in Minneapolis that week, but it's still tentative. If I'm in town, I will stop by for a drink. I'm envisioning how this conversation is going to go at home. "Honey - I'm going out tonight." "Why are you all dressed up?" "I'm meeting some guys out for a drink." "OK - who?" "Some people from an on-line forum for men's style."
I would wear the wholecuts even if I had other options. May I ask the board what the "ideal" tux shoes are?
I would be down for a get-together. Do you guys really wear summer suits, though? I love them, but in another month, it's going to be unbearable.
I don't know that #5 even belongs in there, as I don't see anything old about it at all. Under the right circumstances, I think a young person could wear any of these jackets. As others have said, it mostly comes down to confidence and how you feel when you wear it.
Quote: Originally Posted by BerryWall The steps to tie a bow tie are the same as those used to ties one's shoelaces-assuming that the wearer does not tie his shoes with a granny knot. Best advice you can get. It's really not that hard. Stand in front of a mirror and pretend you are tying your shoe.
Quote: Originally Posted by landshark Grey or brown sport coats, even seer sucker. +1 I have a chocolate brown sportcoat with a faint blue windowpane plaid that is one of my favorites. Looks great with blue pants and gets a lot of compliments.
I have somewhere around 75 dress shirts currently. I wear them 5 days a week and take them to the cleaners after each wearing. I have varying degrees of price and quality, but I can count on one hand the number of shirts I have thrown out because they were "worn out" (fraying collar or cuff.) I have some that I know are well over 10 years old. I dont generally wear a tie so I have a lot of color and plaids. I went through an Etro phase a few years ago. I usually get tired...
Quote: Originally Posted by patrick_b Other than the sole material, what's the difference between the two? I have the same question and can't seem to find a clear answer anywhere in the thread. Is the only difference between the DBs and Bushacres the sole? Anyone?
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