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Quote: Originally Posted by add911_11 I do think generally girls and women have very very very bad taste of men's clothing This is a huge dilemma for me, because you are right. Admittedly, a big part of the reason I like to look good is for the ladies - but they would rather see a guy in cheesy jeans and an Affliction t-shirt.
From the picture, I think they look fine. I like the entire jacket - think it looks great!
The picture isn't showing up for me, so I can't comment on the glasses. I will, however, say that Tweedy is a genius and Wilco is by far the best band putting out music right now.
Before I started reading SF, Century 21 was a realty company with bad gold jackets and Daffy was a duck. We have very few places to get discounts on high quality menswear in AZ. (really only Last Call and Off 5th) I will be in Paramus for a week on a business trip. What stores do I need to hit? I doubt I will make it in to the city.
POW beats herringbone all the time! (but maybe that's just me)
To me, red pants call for Bucks - white, off-white, or tan.
One of the biggest eye openers for me since reading SF has been the area of how shoes fit. I pretty much just bought the same size all the time and made sure my feet weren't cramped. Consequently, I think many of my shoes may be too big. What problems are caused by this? How do you really judge fit?
The Perfecto will always be cool. Makes me think of The Ramones. But what is the hot water treatment and "pecards?"
My tailor has told me multiple times that it's easier to let pants out than take them in. I think the seat is hard to get right when you take that much in. You may not be able to ever take the jacket off!
Quote: Originally Posted by rickgrimes10 On similar note, the sizing for the heritage chino shorts or madras shorts are not true to size. For example, for the heritage chino shorts size 32 has a garment waist of 33.5" according to a customer service rep I chatted with. I think that's the case in many pants/shorts. I wear anywhere between a 34 to 36. In most shorts, I wear a 34 (J Crew, etc.) and I wear a 34 in Levis 501s. In dress trousers...
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