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I travel a couple weeks a month and I find three eyelet chukkas to be very convenient, as well. Easy on and easy off.
Absolutely! I would stick to a white or blue shirt and solid tie, though.
Justin Beiber is ever so popular . . . and so are Affliction shirts . . . and Dockers . . .
They may not be the quality you are looking for, but I am a big fan of the Banana Republic v-neck Merinos. They can be had now for about $30-$40, too.
I'm 41, and I agree with those that say it's time to tuck your shirt in - you are a grown man. However, polos untucked are fine - even preferable. Usually, a tucked-in polo just looks dorky.
I always enjoy MOL's posts. He has the ability to speak factually without trashing anyone or making it personal. Nice post, MOL.
This is how I like them, too. One inch from the thumb/finger V seems too long to me. When you button it, doesn't it bunch up? That drives me nuts. To me, material bunched up at the end of your shirt sleeves looks just as sloppy as excess length on pants bunched up at your feet.
In my opinion, you pick the pair that is either 1) closet in color to the pants or 2) provides the most contrast - depending on what you like. Sometimes, when brown shoes and brown pants are off just a bit, it can look kind of funny.Since the pants are flannel, you also want a heavier shoe - probably the wingtips or suede derbys.
I'm a fan of bow ties. I am also a fan of plaid sport coats, plaid pants, etc. In my opinion, the key is moderation. Meaning, you don't wear a bow tie with a plaid sport coat and saddle shoes. Then you just look like a clown. So, to answer your question. I would say stick to a white shirt and a solid sweater - grey or maybe blue.
I think a velvet sportcoat is great around the Holidays. I have a black one that I wear maybe twice a year. I would, however, agree with those that suggest a midnight blue or other color. I have seen some deep burgundy ones that look awesome. The problem with black is that it really limits you to black shoes - which rarely look good with jeans.
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