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I have a wedding to attend in a couple weeks and was planning on wearing a medium-grey suit with a white shirt and a chocolate brown tie with blue pin-dots. To me, the brown tie would mean I should wear brown shoes, but I know black is more appropriate for evenings. Can I wear the brown tie with black shoes?
I have several pairs of Cole Haan shoes (and like them)
No where near as quick as the one Esquire did. I can barely remember the name - Cladmen?
Here is a new Benjamin. I am wondering if this jacket is too small or if I am just not used to wearing a suit that is this slim. I am 5' 10" and 185 lbs. This is a 52R. My two main concerns are 1) the shoulders (divots?) and 2) the back (does my butt make the vent push out too much?)
I received my Classico today (41/42R) - very nice suit, but I think I have the same question as New Shoes1. I am 5' 10" 185 lbs. I can go down to a 40R in most Hickey Freeman and I would say that a 52R Canali fits me pretty darn good off the rack. I am wondering if this jacket is too small? It definitely fits tighter than a 52R Canali. Is this too small or I am I just not used to wearing a suit that is this fitted? The pants fit pretty good - the pockets don't lay...
Very nice. I thought, from a previous post that you were looking at a replica. I believe that's a Seiko, correct? (can't quite tell) A real Seiko is better than a fake anything. I have a couple Seiko Divers that I have beat the crap out of and they have held up like champs. Great value for the money. Nicely done.
Ben - can I ask you to comment on the fit pics posted by Nandreetta? For a 42R the jacket looks a bit more "boxey" than I would expect. Is there any waist suppression at all? It looks to me more like a Hickey Freeman-type cut. Am I seeing this wrong?
Not sure if this is the appropriate thread to ask this question, but does anyone know how Suit Supply quality would compare to the Benjamin suits from Ehaberdasher? They are very similar price points.
Along the same lines - I'm digging this Canali and it's on sale. I think I could pull this off at work. Is this OK for weddings, etc? Where is this suit appropriate?
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