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I never meant to imply that your choice of clothing was mediocre. Some of your combinations throughout this thread have been quite nice.
The PS is the Rubinacci HMS Victory square. A few (hundred) pages back, when the OneSquare discussion came about, Manton mentioned the Victory square as a viable alternative to CremeSilkSquare. It has worked out wonderfully. Will has a great selection at his shop, which is where I bought mine: He is out of Victory squares at the moment but has several other beautiful designs from Rubinacci. You can always give the Rubinacci...
It's not trolling. It's "Manton's Law." Namely, if Manton starts a thread with an eye toward capturing a certain aesthetic, it will inevitably devolve into WAYWRN. With all due respect to SB, he is the prototype of this phenomenon. He has posted basically every outfit he has worn, day in and day out, and nobody can colorably argue that each of his outfits has been in good taste.
Bro, that's SO S/S 2012.
At the outset of this thread, Manton compared Vox to the "Tunesian" [sic] that lit himself on fire to start a revolution. I think it's Foo's turn to play the role of the "Tunesian", except he's setting both himself and this thread on fire simultaneously.
I have no idea what happened to Foo but the authorities need to be alerted and need to take action at once. Shit's scary.
One of these days Spoo is gonna poast a pic in only his boxer briefs and the pink cashmere Attolini tie with his arms crossed and break the fucking internet.
Look what I done started...
Spoo's pents are gross, otherwise Spoo wins any head to head battle because his swag is on a trillion (also, his wifey's boobies from a few years back virtually ensured that he would win any "contest" - c'mon people, all these "crunchy knits" and "yummy flannels" are well and good but some supple breastasiss will carry the day 100 times out of 100).
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