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Never!Non-blue shirts can be fun.Manton has annihilated my concept of "fun" clothing in the past, for good reason - it opens the door wide open to horrible taste.Nonetheless, I love my "bad taste" red striped shirt. Shown today with a navy knit tie...I'm not the only fan of this monstrosity...
Sig-worthy.Btw, sometimes it is difficult to tell if the vets fail to acknowledge a post because the outfit in question is in such (a) good taste that it goes without saying, or (b) bad taste that the outfit does not merit acknowledgement.To my mind, JPHardy's last combination was very well-executed, but the vets are mum. If one of you (Ed, Foo, Dopey, Manton) could chime in, even if to explain how you might tweak a certain element, that would be helpful. This is the...
The question about men under 70 is an interesting one. If you look at Tweed in the City and other blogs that feature well-dressed men, they're usually old (maybe not quite 70, but old): Luca di Montezemolo, Beppe Modenese, Vittorio Feltri, Luciano Barbera, Gianni Agnelli (RIP), Antonio Liverano, G. Bruce Boyer. It's because they honed their style over decades. Thus, there is no harm in looking to their dress as a model of good taste, since their days of...
Sweater vests/cardigans under suits/jackets are in good taste if executed properly - examples abound:
I concur. It is by no means ideal fabric for a sportcoat - an ideal fabric, to my mind, would have more surface interest (FWIW, it is a lot more blue IRL.) That said, it is super comfy and fits great, so I intend to keep wearing it until it's threadbare, God willing!
The one guy 'round these parts who looks to me like he has his secretary snap fit pics is oldog, but, for all I know, he may very well have had that secretary for two decades-plus. After that sort of tenure, you've kind of earned it!
We are on friendly terms but...not that friendly...!
Yep, navy blazer with nickel buttons.I wore this combination with light grey wool odd trousers.Here is a photo of the entire outfit - since I'm too embarrassed to ask my secretary to take photos, this is best I can do!
@ Gerry, full windsor knots are in bad taste, and full windsor knots on knit ties are in horrible taste. I would recommend a four-in-hand (see above.)
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